Why You Should Buy Refurbished Servers

Keeping your company on the technological update cycle isn’t always easy, especially with the cost of new hardware. You’ve probably heard that buying refurbished servers is a great way to save money on the tech equipment your company needs, but maybe you’re a little skittish about it. After all, refurbished servers are used, right? They couldn’t possibly be as good as new servers, could they?

Buy Refurbished ServersActually, refurbished servers aren’t just used equipment that’s tossed back into a box for resale— if you’ve been thinking of “refurbished” as synonymous with “used,” then it’s time to adjust your perception. When you buy refurbished servers, you’re getting equipment that’s every bit as high-quality as new equipment. But you’re getting it at a lower cost that makes it easy to stretch your IT budget to meet all of your company’s needs.

What Does It Mean When a Server Is Refurbished?

A refurbished server is one that has been subjected to rigorous quality tests, cleaned, repaired and reset to its original manufacturer settings. Sellers of refurbished hardware test each piece of equipment to make sure it works properly, and if it doesn’t, certified technicians perform the necessary repairs. Hardware that can’t be fixed is discarded. The refurbished servers must perform as well as new ones, or their components will be sent for recycling.

Once repaired, the refurbished server is cleaned inside and out. You won’t have to worry about any dust bunnies lurking inside your refurbished piece of equipment. Sometimes a coat of new paint will be applied to the housing of a refurbished server, if it needs one, to restore its like-new appearance.

Finally, the refurbished servers are reset to factory settings — that means that when you fire a refurbished server up, it’ll perform just as it would if it were new. Refurbished servers from reputable resellers are verified authentic and backed by a warranty. You probably won’t have any issues with a refurbished server, but if you do, you’ll be protected by the warranty.

Why Buy Refurbished?

Buying refurbished servers and other tech equipment for your company has a number of benefits. First among them is the cost; refurbished equipment costs quite a bit less than new, which is good news for your bottom line. You’ll be able to get the same high standard of performance, backed by a warranty and manufacturer support, for a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

You’ll also have a greater variety of choice when you purchase refurbished equipment; there’s a larger pool of refurbished equipment to choose from than new equipment — just check out xByte Technologies. You won’t have to wait to have new equipment built, since your refurbished equipment will ready to go from the moment you order it.

Buy Refurbished ServersNeed to scale up in a hurry to deal with rapid growth? Refurbished equipment makes adding on a large amount of new hardware affordable. When you choose refurbished equipment, you can buy to meet your company’s needs. If you’re like many companies, you don’t need the newest, fastest or most cutting-edge equipment; you just need good, reliable hardware. Buying refurbished lets you achieve your desired performance level without going overboard. You can put the money you’ve saved into another area of your business, where it will do more good.

Buying refurbished servers also has environmental benefits. Electronic equipment contains toxic metals like mercury and cadmium. Every year, two million tons of this toxic waste goes into U.S. landfills. Refurbishing servers and other electronics extends their useful life and prevents waste.

When you buy refurbished IT equipment, you do more than just help to keep toxic materials out of landfills and extend the life of the product itself. You also save thousands of pounds of raw materials, fossil fuels and other precious resources that go into manufacturing a new piece of IT equipment. When you make your company more sustainable, you’ll attract the business of a growing demographic that cares about protecting the environment.

If your company needs new servers or other IT equipment, consider buying refurbished goods. Refurbished servers save your company money, while offering the same high standards of performance, manufacturer support and warranty protection that you get when you buy brand new equipment. What’s more, buying refurbished can help you meet your company’s sustainability goals by helping to cut down on e-waste and save dwindling resources.

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