What is CDN and What are the Benefits of Using CDN ?

Every Blogger and a webmaster need their website/blog to load fast. Most of the web users hate slow loading blogs and they don’t even return back to their site/blog. Normally WordPress users use some different plugins to speed up their blogs. But using those Plugins are enough to Speed up our blog? No there are many other ways to speed up your WordPress blog.

Long ago we shared an article on “Best ways to Speed up your WordPress Blog” where we listed some ways and plugins which helps you to Speed up your WordPress Blog. Please have a look at it. The main way to speed up your blog is using Content Delivery Network (CDN) in your blog. Most of the Newbie bloggers don’t know what CDN is.

When I started my blogging career and read some article regarding CDN that it is used to speed up our blog. Then I thought CDN is company which provides Web hosting service. Later on by doing a proper research on CDN finally I came to know what CDN is and how it works. So you need not to worry about this. I will clearly explain you what CDN is and benefits of using CDN in Your Blog/Website.

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network) ?

CDN means Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network which is used to Speed up the loading time of your Website/Blog.

CDN is the network of various servers which is used to host the static content like images, Flash files, videos and Theme files like CSS, Javascripts, etc. And they deliver’s the cached content to the users from their servers based on the users location.

Blogs/Websites without using CDN (Content Delivery Network) :

Content Delivery Network

Blogs/Websites using CDN (Content Delivery Network) :

Content Delivery Network

To make you understand clearly I am explaining it in a simple way. When a user lands on your blog they will be redirected to the main server where your files are hosted. So now every user who lands on your blog will access your blog only from one server i.e. your main server.

When your blog gets a huge amount of traffic and a heavy load on your main server then what happens to your blog? Your blog may slow down or your main server may get crashed. When your main server gets crashed you need to get back your blog by using data backups and then you need to upgrade your hosting plan which costs you huge bucks.

At this situation CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps you. As we discussed above CDN is the network of various servers which are setup in the various locations throughout the world. It stores your blog’s static files like images, videos, Theme files, etc. It maintains copies of your hosted files at their different points of presence (POP’s) along with a main network to quick and faster delivery.

Like when a user lands on your blog from India then they are redirected to the nearest server where your cached files are stored not on to your main server. Hence using CDN in your blog will decrease heavy loads on your main server and speed up the loading time of your blog.

I think now you completely understood what CDN is and below are the benefits of using CDN.

Benefits of using CDN (Content Delivery Network) in your Blog :

Speed Up the loading time :

Using Content delivery network in your blogs it reduces the loading time your blog and your page speed will be improved. Most of the users love fast loading blogs hence your blog traffic will also increased.

SEO Ranking :

Google clearly said that page loading time is one of the best search engine ranking factor. So using CDN service will tend your blog to rank higher in Search Engines and it also helps you to reduce the bounce rate.

Handle Huge traffic :

As we discussed above when your blog gets huge amount of traffic and puts a heavy load on your main server it may slow down or your main server may get crashed. But CDN can handle huge amount of traffic and it minimizes the Server and downtime errors. It may save you some bucks which you spend on upgrading your hosting plan.

Final Words :

Using CDN (Content Delivery Network), loading time of your blog is reduced and the load on your main web server decreases. Your blog never go down because static files of your blog will be hosted on various servers and if one server is down then the files will be delivered from another server. The overall performance of your website increases and hence your blog’s traffic will also be increased.

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  1. CDN are must for every blogger. If he/she wants to load their website faster. But wordpress installation can also improve the speed of our also. If the target audience is only from a region, in that case we can hire our web hosting from that region. This way we can save our valuable money. Another point which i would love to share is – content delivery network is compulsory for all those who wants a global readers for their site/blog.
    Thanks sai, you used images perfectly in this article to explain how CDN enhance the page loading speed.

  2. I used MaxCDN before but then I switched to CloudFlare as it seems better for security. Do you think that’s a good change?
    Tuan recently posted..iPhone Spotlight: What is On My New iPhone 5?My Profile

  3. Awesome post sai , is it also useful for newbies? if yes, then how can i use CDN for my blog .
    sumit recently posted..5 easy tactics to grab readers attention to a blogMy Profile

  4. great and simply explain all the points bro
    piyush goyal recently posted..UGC NET Cocaching for SociologyMy Profile

  5. CDN not only hepls us to speed up our site, but also secures our site. Now I am using CloudFlare free CDN. I recommed everyone to use CloudFlare if anyone go for free CDN service.

  6. This information about CDN is very helpful for newbie bloggers.Really knowledge is most important for entire newbie . I also write blogs on technology and many interesting topic. So this blog is very useful for me.
    dauly recently posted..How to prepare for CCNA?My Profile

  7. I love to use CDN, currently using MaxCDN and got some positive results in site speed and cache. Very informative post Kumar. It will be helpful for people looking to know more detailed information about CDN.
    Taswir Haider recently posted..How to Verify Google+ PagesMy Profile

  8. CDN is used to load your website faster. some webmaster buy offshore hosting just to implement CDN.

  9. great post sai, but how to use it, is it free or we have to spend some bucks??
    NEERAJ recently posted..Intelligence Bureau(IB) Recruitment online application form 2013My Profile

  10. Thanks Sai, Nice article about CDN. Anyway, which CDN you use ?
    Pawan recently posted..Salaried Bloggers eFile your Income Tax ReturnMy Profile

  11. Sai, thanks for putting together a great article around CDNs. For a lot of people, it can be a tough concept to grasp. One thing I’d add is that unless your site is serving a massive amount of content or media (images, videos etc…), or is serving in different countries, a CDN may not be necessary. While it can greatly reduce the latency (load time), for smaller sites, a caching plugin or function can work just as well .


    Employee of CDNetworks.com
    William Vuong recently posted..Cloud Acceleration Tips for 2013My Profile

  12. This is a very new one to me. Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll soon give a try to the CDN.
    Sriram recently posted..Mark Zuckerberg’s Synapse Media Player: Digging the tech historyMy Profile


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    CDN means Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network which is used to Speed up the loading time of your Website/Blog….

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    What is CDN and What are the Benefits of Using CDN ?…

    CDN means Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network which is used to Speed up the loading time of your Website/Blog….

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