40+ Useful Time Saving WordPress Shortcuts

WordPress is the best and the Most popular CMS to run and manage a blog. There are many WordPress users who are unaware of the keyboard shortcuts which are available to them. Whether you work on self-hosted WordPress blog or WordPress.com blog, these shortcuts are applicable for both.

Sometimes you may write a big post which takes more time. To save your time while writing a blog post we are sharing some time saving WordPress Shortcuts. Using these Shortcuts while writing a blog post will make you feel more productive and stress free.

WordPress Shortcuts

WordPress Shortcuts for Editing Post :

Advanced Editor (Kitchen Sink) : Alt+Shift+z

H1 Header : Ctrl+1

H2 Header : Ctrl+2

H3 Header : Ctrl+3

H4 Header : Ctrl+4

H5 Header : Ctrl+5

H6 Header : Ctrl+6

Paragraph : Ctrl+7

Format : Ctrl+8

Address : Ctrl+9

Align Center : Alt+Shift+c

Align Left : Alt+Shift+l

Align Right : Alt+Shift+r

Edit HTML : Alt+Shift+e

Blockquote : Alt+Shift+q

Bold : Alt+Shift+b

Code : Alt+Shift+c

Insert date & time : Alt+Shift+s

Insert Image (IMG) : ALT+Shift+m

Italics : Alt+Shift+i

Line Break : Shift+Enter

Link : Alt+Shift+a

List Item (li) : Alt+Shift+l

Ordered List (ol) : Alt+Shift+o

Publish the Post : Alt+Shift+p

Read More : Alt+Shift+t

Redo : Ctrl+y

Strike through : Alt+Shift+d

Undo : Ctrl+z

Unordered List (ul) : Alt+Shift+u

WordPress Shortcuts for Comment Moderation :

To use keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation you need to enable it first. To enable it go to User Profile and check the Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation option and update your profile. After Updating it Start using shortcuts for comment moderation.

To Approve the comment : J

To Mark a comment as Spam : S

To Delete comments : D

To Reply comment : R

To Edit the comment and then press Tab and Enter to save the comment : Q

To Cancel a reply : Escape

To Un-approve a comment : U

To Mark comments : X

To Moderate multiple comments in a go : Shift+A/S/D/U

To Toggle the selection : Shift+X

To Move down and then onto the next page : J

To Move up and then onto the previous page : K

These above WordPress Shortcuts are to make your work simpler and easier. If we have missed out any useful WordPress shortcut please share with us by commenting below.

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    WordPress is the best and the Most popular CMS to run and manage a blog. To save your time while writing a post we are sharing time saving WordPress Shortcuts….

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