10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

Now a day’s we all know that Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browser in the world. Google Chrome is designed in such a way that we can add some of the Google Chrome Extensions according to our needs which helps in reducing some effort. There are many numbers of Google Chrome Extensions which is used according to our need. Coming to the point of Designers, there are many extensions in which it reduces Designers effort. We are sharing the 10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers.

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Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers :

Google Chrome Extensions

Color Picker :

With the name itself you can understand what extension it is. This is a useful extension which is designed mainly to pick a color and get the color value on the web page. That means you can pick any color and anywhere from the web page. With this Extension you can also use the pop-out button to put the preview in its own window. This Extension uses lossless PNG quality to detect colors from selected area of the Web page.

Download Color Picker Here

CSSViewer :

Have you tired of inspecting element every time when you want to know what the CSS Style is applied for a particular element. Then CSSViewer will help you in showing the parameters of any element. CSSViewer is a simple CSS parameter viewer where it shows the CSS parameters of any element in a webpage. You just need to click on the icon in the toolbar and then hover on any of the element which you want to inspect in a particular webpage.

Download CSSViewer Here

MeasureIt :

Here the word Measure indicates that we are calculating the size of some element in terms of height and width. This is an extension which helps to get the width and height of the any element in the webpage. You need to click on the icon in the tool bar and just drag out a ruler that will help you in getting the pixel height and width of the selected element in the webpage. Here the main drawback is this will only work on some pages which does not use java script.

Download MeasureIt Here

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Firebug Lite :

Firebug provides the rich visual representation. It also provides some cool features like inspecting HTML elements with your mouse, and live editing CSS properties. . That means this extension is particularly designed to inspect element and change the CSS style of a particular element in a live web page. There are few limitations of this extension. This Extension cannot read external resources and also won’t work well on the web pages containing Frames. JavaScript debugger is also not available in this extension.

Download Firebug Lite Here

Awesome Screenshot :

This is an awesome extension which is used by most of the Google Chrome users. This Extension is used to capture the whole web page or a particular portion of it. This Extension supports PNG format and also horizontal scroll when capturing. We can annotate the image with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and also with text. The Image can be cropped to particular extent and show the crop area dimensions. It is also easy to hide the sensitive information from the image. We can download the image or we can upload it to awesomescreenshot.com and get a shareable link.

Download Awesome Screenshot Here

Window Resizer :

When a designer design’s a webpage he needs to check in different screen resolution that means in different sizes screens. Windows Resizer Extension will help you in checking your Web Page layouts in different screen resolution. This extension resizes the browser’s window in order to emulate various resolutions selected. It is particularly designed for web designers and developers. The window resolutions list is completely customizable that means you can add, delete or re-order you list.

Download Window Resizer Here

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IE Tab Multi :

The use of IE Tab Multi is Internet Explorer Internet Explorer inside the Google Chrome. This Extension allows you to view the web pages in Internet Explorer Layout Engine. This will be used to view some web pages that only work in IE and you can also check the appearance of the newly designed or developed page. Here you can also run ActiveX Controls. This Extension Supports Only Windows and Chrome 6+.

Download IE Tab Multi Here

HTML Validator :

HTML Validator is a perfect extension to validate the HTML code of the current web page. This Extension allows you to validate web page by Inline, W3C Validator, and we can also validate a local web page. Just click the icon in the web page and select the required option from it or else just press keyboard shortcuts to validate the current web page. For Inline validation this extension will show the number of errors once the webpage is validated. Here are the Keyboard Shortcuts to validate your page.

Windows/Linux :
Press Ctrl + Shift + V to validate a page
Press Ctrl + Shift + A to validate a local page

Mac :
Press Cmd + Shift + V to validate a page
Press Cmd + Shift + A to validate a local page

Download HTML Validator Here

Google Font Previewer :

This Google Chrome Extension will help you in selecting the fonts which are suitable for your webpage from the Google Font API directory. You can choose the font form the Google Font and you can apply it to the whole page or for a particular CSS element or selector in the live web page to see how it looks. This will help you when you are designing a web page and want to find a font quickly which it suits you web page. If you liked a font and always use the same font for all pages you can star them for quick access.

Download Google Font Previewer Here

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Lorem Ipsum Generator :

This is an Extension where it creates or generates random Lorem Ipsum text. Here it uses a minimalist and well looking design. When a designer design’s a web page and wants to add some sample text in it then no need of searching for it. This extension will helps you to generate text according to words in paragraphs and the paragraphs you needed. The main purpose of this extension is to use the less amount of code (and also memory) and help the designer to get the job done without much effort.

Download Lorem Ipsum Generator Here

These are the Most commonly used Google Chrome Extensions by Web Designers. If you feel any other extension is useful for Web or Graphic Designers please let us know by commenting below. So that we can add Google Chrome Extensions suggested by you to the above list.

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  1. ah, great list Sai Kumar, i think every designer should have all these tools. I have few of them, but now i’ll surely add all other tools in my browser..

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  2. Nice collection sai kumar very helpful but forget to include web developer.
    rakesh kumar recently posted..4 Top Reasons to Track Visitor PatternMy Profile

    • Hi Sir, I didn’t forgot about Web Developers. I thought of writing a separate post on it. So i wrote only for Web Designers and I will soon write a post on Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers also.

  3. Really awesome Tools for Bloggers as well as for web Developers, These tools reduce our efforts.
    I am using eye dropper extension for color picking which is also good.
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted..Why bloggers are Smarter than a normal Person?My Profile

  4. It really awesome list of google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers, thanks for sharing ……!!!!
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  5. Thanks nice set of extensions. I think CSS and HTML viewers will help me lot. I also think better if you add pdf converter for this list.
    Blog Tricks PLUS recently posted..What is Alexa……?My Profile

  6. I am a big fan of Firebug Lite and Color Picker as i keep playing with my themes. Good collection and thanks for sharing.
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  7. Awesome Screenshot is really awesome
    ankit recently posted..Metasploit Penetration Testing Cookbook ReleasedMy Profile

  8. Hey,

    Great tips and tools for the Web designers.They will be helpful for them.


  9. Thats really a good collection of extensions .. “MeasureIt ” I didn’t knew this before and this is awesome.. just added it!.. This going to help me a lot in designing my college website.. Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Raviraj recently posted..What is svchost.exe And Why its running?My Profile

  10. Awesome Screenshot is my favourite one, thanks Sai for sharing this post, I’ll try some new extensions.
    Rajesh Namase recently posted..Android OS Vs iPhone OS Which One is the Best for Personal UseMy Profile

  11. Thank you for the great tools! I’ve been designing websites for a very long time and didn’t know alot of these existed.

  12. Nice tools! Now, I can speed up my work with these tools. Never thought of these things at the very firs place. :)
    David recently posted..Plano Web Design — A Website Is The Modern Handshake Of The Business WorldMy Profile

  13. Color picker is the most important of customization. I have used it many times. Thanks for this list.
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  14. I was already using the Awesome Screenshot and CSSViewer Thank you sir for the complete list.

  15. Awesome screenshot is the best extension for web designers in my opinion.
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