How to Turn Google Chrome into a Plain Text Editor

Being a content writer is a great job. I have challenges to overcome each day – putting text on paper (well, virtual paper) quickly and easily, in a huge variety of topics. I cover everything from the latest games at the royal vegas casino to the latest advancements in technology. Writing an article about a topic is the best way to understand it completely. Writing articles about such a great variety of topics has helped me accumulate a great deal of information about… well, anything.

When I started writing content for a variety of websites I used a word processing software as many of you surely do. It was nice and easy, as these programs are built for such a purpose, but after a while I started to realize that I don’t really need all those fancy functions these programs have. To make things even worse, the text formatting used by some of them – like Pages on Apple – interfered with the publication of the articles, leaving special characters and unexpected “bolds” and “italics” in the text. So I knew I needed to switch to a plain text editor to make it easier for me and those responsible for publishing my articles to do our jobs.

There was another issue to overcome: portability. As long as I used my own computer for work this was not an issue – I simply saved the content to my local hard drive, zipped it up and sent it for publishing. But there were times when I had to use another computer for work, and sometimes I didn’t have a flash drive on me… small, but annoying issue.

In the end I started looking for a solution to fit my needs – a small, lightweight program that doesn’t do anything but offer an interface where I can write plain text, save it to a place which is accessible from anywhere but secure enough to prevent others accessing it, and which I can use wherever I go. So, in the end, I found out that the solution was right in front of me all along: Google Chrome plus the Writebox extension.


Writebox is exactly what its name suggests – it is a plain text editor, basically a box on the screen where you can write. Perfect for my needs. Besides, it has the ability to save files directly to the cloud – to a Dropbox or a Google Drive – so my content is always accessible, but still secure. Two out of two.

And what about working from some place else? Simple: I just log on to Chrome with my Google account, and it takes care of the rest for me: it syncs my extensions, so I can start working in a matter of minutes.

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