Top 10 Android Apps for Bloggers

Now a day’s blogging became most popular activity for the youngsters and day by day bloggers are going on increasing. Android is the most popular and widely used mobile operating system. Most of the people are using Android Devices where there are thousands applications and there are many applications for bloggers also which will make their work easy. Here we are listing some top Android Apps for bloggers.

Android Apps for Bloggers

Here are the Top 10 Android Apps for Bloggers

WordPress :

Now a day’s many bloggers are moving towards WordPress blogging platform which is flexible and easy to use. This is the first and one of the most important app for the serious blogger. Using this app you can write post, edit existing posts or comments, approve and reply to the comments, view stats when you are away from your PC or Laptop. This App Supports both and also WordPress self hosted blogs.

You can Install WordPress App Here

Blogger :

Still Many Bloggers are sticking with where they are flexible in using This is also the most important app for the bloggers who are still using Using this app you can you can publish post including pictures, labels, and also the location information. If you run multiple blogs or having multiple accounts you can easily switch between them. In one word we can say that “Blogging made easy by using Blogger app”.

You can Install Blogger App Here

Google Analytics :

As usual every blogger want to track their blog visitors. Google Analytics app will helps you to find or track Online Visitors, visitors count, visitor’s location, IP-address, Goal Conversation rate, Adsense revenue and with lot of high features. There is an another app named gAnalytics where you can see all the same features and this app was developed by E6BAPPS.

You can Install Google Analytics App Here

You can Install gAnalytics App Here

Facebook :

Now a day’s social media is the main source for traffic. Facebook is the main app where we can add friends, share the latest information, manage our groups, manage our blogs official page, share photos and videos, send text messages, and we can also play games. In one word we can say that we can do all the things in this Facebook app which we can do in Facebook in PC.

You can Install Facebook App Here

Twitter :

Twitter is also the main source for traffic. Twitter is also the Main app which every blogger needs. Using this app We can follow our interest, Instant update from friends we follow, Tweet our messages, Retweet friends messages, Direct messages and Many More. We can also know what’s happening around the world by a simple search.

You can Install Twitter App Here

Hootsuite :

Hootsuite is the best app which can be used with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Linked In. Here we can post our tweets, schedule Twitter updates from anywhere, post status updates to Facebook, you can also upload photos to your Facebook, check in on foursquare, view your LinkedIn connections and many more. This app supports multiple Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn accounts.

You can Install Hootsuite App Here

PayPal :

PayPal is also the main app where a blogger or a user can easily manage online payments. Using this app you can easily send and receive money between friends, family and clients. You can also transfer your PayPal amount directly to your bank account. It’s free, secure and more convenient app.

You can Install PayPal App Here

Evernote :

Evernote is also the most important app where you can note down and save your information. You can note down the information when you are in a conference or a class. You can Sync all of your notes across the computers and devices you use and you can also create and edit text notes, to-dos, task lists and many more. You can also share this notes with your friends using Facebook and Twitter, etc. Here there are both Free and Premium App also.

You can Install Evernote App Here

Disqus :

Now a day’s Spam Comments are going on increasing when we use plugins like Akismet and Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin also. So many bloggers are changing their commenting system from default to Disqus Commenting System where we can reduce the spam comments. This is the best and the most important who use Disqus Commenting System where you can manage, approve and reply to the comments.

You can Install Disqus App Here

Webrank SEO :

Webrank SEO is a free tool where we can analyze the website in a single click. This App gives us Website Rank i.e. Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Complete Rank and Socio Meter i.e. Facebook Likes, Tweets, Google + count etc. This also gives us the Indexed Pages, Backlinks in search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing. In one word we can say that this is the SEO Tool for competitive website analysis.

You can Install Webrank SEO App Here

Here we have listed Top 10 Android Apps for Bloggers. If you feel any other app which is useful for bloggers please let us know by just commenting below. Share you best experience with us about Android Apps for bloggers which you have already used.

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  1. Hi Sai….
    Nice list of apps bro…
    Hootsuite and Webrank SEO is new to me…
    I like Webrank SEO…. going to install it on my mobile phone
    sandeep kumar recently posted..Problogger Dream – Chat with Scientist and Blogger Jane SheebaMy Profile

  2. Nice List! I have a similar one I wrote while on vacation. I see you have a few different ones though! I forgot I even had Paypal on my phone as I don’t use it that much.
    Jason Mathes recently posted..9 Awesome Tools Bloggers Need for Their SmartphoneMy Profile

  3. Hey Sai,

    This is really a great list. i have been using Andriod from many years but i have never used these Apps likes disqus and webrank SEO. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome information.


    saif ullah butt recently posted..How to Start a Blog – A complete Guide for making your First Blog !My Profile

  4. K'lip SoLo says:

    This is Really Nice Collection for Android Bloggers. :)

  5. Cool App list dude, Never knew Google Analytics was available in Google Play, i had to access browser version of it everytime
    Gautham Nekkanti recently posted..Connectify XP DownloadMy Profile

  6. Hello Sai
    nice post
    nice list , some cool apps for bloggers, never heard of hootsuit before, thanks for sharing I will try it out. thanks for sahring
    Bryan recently posted..5 Smart Tips to Build a Big List for Your Product LaunchMy Profile

  7. Hey Sai, the timing of this post is just perfect for me. Just 3 days back I purchased an android phone and these apps will immensely help me to maintain my blog form the phone. Thanks :)
    Ankit recently posted..Fruit Ninja for PC Free DownloadMy Profile

  8. Hi Sai Kumar,
    I was using all of the android apps you mentioned here except only paypal because I was not aware of it till date.Now i have installed it and checking it on my android device.
    Thanks for recommendation!

  9. K Bharath

    bloggers cannot leave without these tools if they are serious bloggers and they will have these tools in there android mobiles. so that they can keep an eye on there blog where ever they go.

  10. Love using Awesome Gadgets, but have no one yet. So, list is not yet for me.. But will be in the future, congo to others who’ve Android..
    Mairaj Pirzada recently posted..Get Blog Engage Standard Account for Free! Hurry up!My Profile

  11. Nice Post Great List :)
    Thanks For Sharing I Already Tried Few Of Them Will Try New One’s :)
    Osho Garg recently posted..How To Add Floating Contact Us Button To BloggerMy Profile

  12. Very informative post, I am going to download Webrank SEO now!
    Thanks for sharing! :)
    Kashif Minhaj recently posted..How to Speed Up Your InternetMy Profile

  13. I have Android phone and already tried multiple apps mentioned here. I would like to add gAnalytics, and adsense dashboard. Android Thanks for tell me about Webrank seo app
    Droidbuddy recently posted..Top 5 AT&T Galaxy S2 Custom ROM- Choose the best for youMy Profile

  14. Matthew says:

    These are really useful applications for bloggers. Google Analytics gives you vast amount of information. You can analyze the data and launch better campaigns.
    Matthew recently posted..Look Hot Without Adding To The Cost: Try Fashion JewelryMy Profile

  15. recently purchased a android mobile, thanks a lot for awesome apps.
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..5 Important tips to increase your facebook SecurityMy Profile

  16. BeyondPod Podcast Manager and Writer are also a few more useful apps to bloggers.
    Pavan Somu recently posted..How To Download and Install Apps from Android MarketMy Profile

  17. Hi Sai
    Its a nice list of android apps.I really liked the collection, you have done a great job by sharing such nice apps.Thanks.

  18. A Blogger must have an Android Mobile phone or a smartphone, because online presence is really important for a blogger to make him popular and known in the blogging world.
    Vikas Bhatt recently posted..How To Increase The Battery Life of an Android SmartphoneMy Profile

  19. Very interesting. Should be very helpful in managing my WordPress blog.
    JJ recently posted..Greedy Spiders 2 APK for AndroidMy Profile

  20. Amazing apps , thanks for sharing these applications
    jenni recently posted..Real Estate Joomla TemplateMy Profile

  21. Awesome list of Android apps. Well, all the listed apps are very much interesting, mostly Paypal and Evernote. Thanks Sai for sharing this list :)
    Nizam recently posted..New Blogger’s Guide to Anchor Text: How You Link and How You’re Linked ToMy Profile

  22. Hello Sai,

    Really an informative post. Andriod apps are the best today. I read about most of them you have listed here. I like Google Analytics and Paypal. They are really handy and useful. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

    Vijayraj Reddy recently posted..Why Do Currency Exchange Rates Fluctuate?My Profile

  23. Hi Sai,
    Nice list i have not don’t know about these all, i have very limited app.
    sanchit recently posted..Mobile RechargeMy Profile


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