6 Tips to Choose the Right Domain Name

Hello Friends, Today i want to share you the top most tips to choose the right domain name. Domain name is the center of your internet identity. Choosing the right domain name is the hardest and important task for every blogger and for every business owner. Coming to the point of SEO strategy choosing the right domain name is the first and important step. So here are the 6 top most important tips to choose the right domain name.

tips to choose the right domain name

Keywords :

Keywords are the first main thing to take care before registering domain. Firstly when you start searching for domain name make a list of 5 – 10 keywords of your selected niche or business. Once you make the list you can add some prefixes to make a good domain. Don’t aim the keywords which are having high competition. Always select the low competitive and unique keywords. You can also search using Google Adwords Keyword tool which shows the global and local monthly searches. So that you can easily select the low competitive keyword as your domain name.

Make your Domain name Unique :

Select a unique domain name. Don’t select the particular word and also the misspelled words that already contains in a popular websites which are already registered. Ex: if you are looking for Crunchyhub which is already registered then you may select crunchihub. So it is the big mistake to select the misspelled words. Don’t use your personal name as your domain name if you are selecting it for business purpose. Many people are doing this mistake and facing huge loss in their business. Better to select the names for the personal blogs. Select the unique domain name which suits your business and select names which you advertise your products.

Make it Easy to Type, Short and Remember :

Try to make your domain name short and simple. Short domain names are always easy to type and also easy to remember. Always try to avoid numbers and hyphens in the domain names because it is very hard to type and remember and use the letters which are easy to type. Here Spellings are also very important while selecting a domain name. Suppose if you register crunchihub.com instead of crunchyhub.com the traffic will move to the correct spelled domain i.e. Crunchyhub.com. So always take care about Spellings while choosing the domain name because correct spelled words are easily remembered.

Only Choose Dot-Com Available Domains :

Domain name is the combination of two words “unique name” + “dot extension”. If you want to run a serious online business you need take care before selecting the extension. There are many domain extensions which you can choose according to your need and most of the serious business owners choose the top level domain extensions i.e. .COM, .NET, .ORG. There are also country level extensions which you can choose according to your country. Here I suggest is better to choose the available .COM domain. Most of the users guess and type the .COM extension with your unique domain name because .COM tends the best. So always select the available .COM domain name which is easy to remember and type.

Avoid Copyright Infringement :

You must not register copyrighted words as your domain name. Registering the Copyright names is the big mistake which you must not do because it can kill your domain and your business also. Using the trademark names is a violation of international law. Recently I registered a domain which is trademark registered and I got a mail from them to handover the domain or else they will appear in court regarding the domain. So immediately I transferred them the domain and they paid me the domain registration charge. So better stay out of registered trademark names.

Purchase your domain for long time :

As per Google majority of Spam websites (i.e. Domain Names) are registered for one year. Because Google feels that serious business owners only register their domain names for multiple years. So register your domain for atleast 5 years to avoid spam in Google. Registering domains for multiple years means having a better chance of ranking highly in search engine. Long term registered domain is good for SEO and you will have a less chance of losing your domain. Always register your domain for multiple years i.e. atleast 5 to 10 years to have a better chance of high ranking in search engine results.

These are the 6 best tips to choose the right domain name for your business. If you feel any other tips are important to choose the right domain name then please let us know by commenting below.

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  1. You should include Avoid Trademark Domains too into the list.. 😛
    Pavan Somu recently posted..Top 10 SEO Techniques To Reach The TopMy Profile

  2. Hello Sai Kumar,
    Very informative article for those newbies who just wanted to start the blog.
    I like almost all your points like to keep your domain name simple and short, never use high competition keywords, never select the misspelled words, your preference is to use only .COM domains .
    I enjoyed your article bro 😉
    keep posting 😉
    Praveen Soni recently posted..How To Keep Your E-Mail SafeMy Profile

  3. Salman Ahmad says:

    superb and worth reading post !
    Thanks Sai

  4. I agree with you. Thank You..

  5. Hi,
    Yes I do agree with you that keeping the domain simple and short would definitely be helpful. It must be relevant too. I like the tips that you have shared. Thanks!!

  6. hey Sai !
    great insights. there are lots of new things to learn from this post. but i have a question that .net is also easy to use and remember then why you recommended .com strongly?? please let me know. Actually i am new in this field. i shall be very thankful to you if you will let me know this.
    Matt recently posted..Strictly for Singles at Smooch BingoMy Profile

  7. Domain is something which can`t be changed, you can change design, CMS, content and hosting. Once you hit buy button you can`t change it.
    It`s damn important that you think twice or thrice before taking a step towards getting a domain name.
    Like in this post, keywords should be your first priority, but if you don`t find one, don`t go with .net
    It`s not important to have keywords in domain if you`re planning something big. Do you think Google, Yahoo are keywords?
    So either your domain name must contain keyword or brandable name. Common thing is domain name should be short.
    Sai kumar listed really very useful stuff here. Thanks Sai.

    Khaja moin recently posted..5 Alternatives to WordPress Blogging PlatformMy Profile

  8. Your tips are nice, just wanted to know that, wheather Godaddy is better or Bigrock?
    Siddharth Srivastava recently posted..Comparing your Eyes with your digital Camera!My Profile

  9. I can’t agree with 2 points, one keywords, latest Google updates made it pointless, second .com domains. I know national markets where nobody uses .com, so basically it’s not true that .com will be advantage. With other points I agree 100% :).
    Kamil recently posted..101+ CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List for 2013My Profile

  10. I agree with you. All points are handy. Thank you for sharing
    legal transcription recently posted..Six Reasons Why You Should Choose Digital TranscriptionMy Profile

  11. Great tips about choosing domain names. I agree on most of the tips, however, on the first point I’d like to add some views.

    You can choose domain name either based on keywords or on brandability. These days because Google started to look skeptical for exact keyword domains, it is better to go for brandable domain names. It will take bit time but I believe will return in long run.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..Install WordPress on Your Local Computer « How to Blog Series Post #5My Profile

  12. Hi there Sai. My first visit and comment to your blog, I guess.

    It looks beautiful, yet I would suggest you to add a bit of your own customizations.

    About this post, I love my domain – PluginsWP.net. What d’you think?
    Raaj Trambadia recently posted..3 Best Free WordPress Security PluginsMy Profile

  13. When it comes to choosing a Domain Name, then one word comes to my mind which is BRANDING. So we always try to to get a unique, remember-able and short domain. And I am also prefer to buying .com domain name as most of the biggest website like facebook, google did the same.
    For long time, Keywords shouldn’t be the first priority. But I still believe that people should get idea about your site from your domain name. BTW Thanks for nice sharing.
    Istiak Rayhan recently posted..Add ‘Follow’ And ‘Add to circles’ Button Google Plus Badges to Your BlogMy Profile

  14. Shathyan Rajas

    Nice Article. every blogger should know that domain name plays the first role in SEO. If you have a goo domain name with keyword, then your ranking will be a little easier when compared to your competitors.

  15. Hi Sai Kumar,

    Choosing a right domain name is very important for everyone because it is the brand and symbol of business. Unique but short domain name is very good to remember the name.
    Omar Habib recently posted..How to Build Blog Readership in 2013My Profile

  16. Given all six steps are effective for choosing domain name for successfull business.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Choosing a doamin name affects your site in many ways and using short names and correct spelled words are required. I didn’t know that the span of the doamin also matters and will try to purchase them for a long period.
    vicky recently posted..Nokia Asha 206 Dual Sim Phone SpecificationMy Profile

  18. Nice Article Sir,
    Domain Registration Period info is good, not available on major blogs.

  19. Hi,

    Sai you share good information to the point and this 6 tips are the main key factor which give advantage in the future and also my advice is also to follow this 6 tips before buying the domain.

    Kamran recently posted..Boca Raton Pressure Cleaning Services Will Keep the Old Year’s Dirt Away!My Profile

  20. Nice tips Sai. I completely agree with you that it’s best to reserve a dot com name. Even if it’s not your first choice, it will still be a better fit than settling on another TLD.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted..SEO Gets Social | How to Use Social to Get More out of SearchMy Profile

  21. Hello Sai, choosing the right domain is the essential part for any business. I just noted that having domain registered for many years is also an important factor in domain authority. Thanks for letting us know, Im sure it will help me ranking high in SERP’s.

    Shah recently posted..9 Places To Visit In Oregon – Tourist AttractionsMy Profile

  22. Domain registration period information is the new one. I haven’t read it about anywhere if i knew about it earlier i would have registered my domain for a longer period not for one year.

  23. Hello SAI,
    final point learned here thank you lot ..keep write
    Gajendra recently posted..Google Adsense specialist view for beginnersMy Profile

  24. Doma Ining says:

    Thanks for the very informative post. I am very much interested in acquiring some domain names at DomainKa.com and I could use your points to buy domain names like a pro!

  25. Awesome work man thanks for sharing the great 6 Tips Love your post Keep it up :)

  26. Nice tips Sai. All points are valid and most importantly should avoid copyright infringement.
    Pawan recently posted..Web-Based Tools to Create Free InfographicsMy Profile


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    Domain name is the center of your internet identity. I am Sharing the 6 top most tips to choose the right domain name….

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