8 Best Ways to Secure Your WordPress Blog

Hello Guys, I want to share some security tips to secure your WordPress blog. We everyone knows that WordPress is one of the most commonly used blogging platform when compared to other blogging platforms. Most of the newbie bloggers start blogging using free blogging platform called blogger.com which is more secured as it is maintained by Google. But when coming to WordPress Security, Most of the WordPress Blogs are not completely secured which are being hacked by web hackers.

Secure Your WordPress Blog

Here I want to share some security tips to secure your WordPress Blog and also the list of Some Plugins which helps you in securing your blog.

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Always Stay Updated

WordPress updates their Codes regularly. It notifies and ask’s you to update your blog from the Admin Dashboard. Most of the WordPress users won’t update their blogs when the update is available. Always update your WordPress blog when ever Updates are available which is must and should. You also need to update your themes and Plugins whenever updates are available. Updating your blog is very important to secure it from hackers. And you also need to hide your version of WordPress.

Use licensed Themes and Plugins :

Most of the Bloggers will use Nulled Themes and Plugins when they start using WordPress because they can’t buy the licensed copies. Nulled Themes or Plugins downloaded from the net contain Malware code which may harm your Blog. So always use licensed or free copies to secure your WordPress Blog. Be careful while installing the Plugins and Themes.

Secure Username and Password :

Most of us will continue installation of the WordPress with the default username and use admin as a username. If you are using Admin as username then you are in risk. So please delete the admin account and create another account with a more secure name and using strong password which contain alphabets, numbers and also some symbols. Make sure that you changed all your posts and pages to new account before deleting admin account.

Protect your Admin Dashboard :

This is the best feature which is provided to secure your directories. By using this feature we can secure our WordPress blog. Password protect your wp-admin folder from c-panel. That means we are adding double security to your admin dashboard. You need to login two times to enter your admin dashboard. We can add Password protect feature to any of our directories in our hosting c-panel.

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Limit Login Attempts :

This is also the best way to secure your WordPress blog. You can limit your admin login attempts by using some WordPress Plugins. Some Hackers try logging into your admin dashboard with some username and password. If he fails 3 or more times the IP will be blocked for some time. If you are not using this feature then immediately install the Plugin which is used to limit your Login Attempts. You can also add a specific IP address to access your Admin dashboard.

Install WordPress Security Plugins :

You can protect your WordPress blog by installing WordPress Security Plugins. There are many security Plugins are available in WordPress Plugins Database to secure your WordPress blog. You don’t need to worry to search the Security Plugins, we have searched some Best Security Plugins and listing them below. Just Install them and Secure your from hackers.

Protect your WP-Config.php and .htaccess file :

Protecting WP-Config.php and .htaccess files to secure your blog is very important. Here we are providing the code which you need to paste in your .htaccess file in your server.

Code to protect your wp-config.php file :

<Files wp-config.php>  
   order allow,deny  
   deny from all  

Code to protect your .htaccess file :

<Files .htaccess>  
   order allow,deny  
   deny from all  

Source : Tutsplus.com

Backup Your Blog Regularly :

Taking backup is very important if you are blogging seriously. Some of the hosting companies provide regular backup of your data. Better take manual backup of your data from c-panel or you can also backup your complete blog by using some WordPress Plugins and you can also download files of your complete WordPress blog to your dropbox account. You no need to worry when your blog is hacked because you have already taken backup of your blog.

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Plugins to Secure Your WordPress Blog

BulletProof Security

Secure Your WordPress Blog

BulletProof Security Plugin is Fast and Simple with No Manual Configuration Required. This Plugin helps you in protecting you WordPress blog against RFI, XSS, CSRF, CRLF, Code Injection, Base64 and SQL Injection hacking attempts. This Plugin also Provides One-click .htaccess, wp-config.php, bb-config.php Protection.

Download the Plugin Here

WordPress File Monitor Plus

Secure Your WordPress Blog

This Plugin Will helps you in Monitoring your WordPress installation for added/changed/deleted files. You will receive an Email alert to a specified Mail address when a change is detected. You will also get notified about the changes detected in Administration area in case Email is not received. You can even exclude some files and directories from scan.

Download the Plugin Here


Secure Your WordPress Blog

This Plugin AntiVirus for WordPress is a very safe and easy tool to protect your WordPress blog against malware, exploits and spam injections. You can Scan your templates and Plugins now! You will get notified virus alerts in administrative area. You can also check database tables and you can also schedule daily scan with Email Notifications.

Download the Plugin Here

WordFence Security

Secure Your WordPress Blog

This Plugin Wordfence Security is a free security plugin that includes a anti-virus, firewall, live traffic including crawlers and scanning malicious URLs. Wordfence Security is the only WordPress security plugin that can verify and repair your Theme, Plugin and Core files, even if you don’t have any backups. This is a Multi-Site compatible plugin where you can scan all your blog posts, comments of all blogs from one admin panel.

Download the Plugin Here

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More Secure Login

Secure Your WordPress Blog

The Plugin More Secure Login add double security to your admin dashboard. Here a new field is added to the login page below the password field. You need to enter a new code which is on the MSL Secure Card. This MSL Secure card contains 64 codes, in this each code contains 4 character. If someone wants to login to any of your account, even if he knows the password, he can not use it without the MSL code.

Download the Plugin Here


Secure Your WordPress Blog

The Plugin WP-DBManager helps you to backup database, optimize database, repair database, delete backup database, restore database, run selected queries and drop/empty tables. This Plugin also supports automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of database.

Download the Plugin Here

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Secure Your WordPress Blog

The Plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox is created to back up Your WordPress Blog on a regular basis. You just choose a day, time and how often you wish yor backup to be performed and wait for the websites files and a SQL dump of its database to be stored in your Dropbox! The plugin uses OAuth so your Dropbox details will not be stored for the plugin to gain access.

Download the Plugin Here

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Over to you :

This are the Most Commonly used Security tips and Plugins to secure your WordPress Blog. What are your Tips which is used to Secure your WordPress blog ? Do you’ve any more tips ? Please Share them with us by Commenting below.

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  1. hi sai
    all the points are very good and helpfull now i gonna codes to htaccess and wp- config file
    n trying some plugins.
    thanx for sharing those codes

  2. That was a superb description of protecting a blog. not all keep their blog safe and secure , nor they intend to do so, but after reading your article they sure are going to take a step infront for securing their blog. thanks.
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  3. Wow! This is awesome and very useful info to protect a wordpress blog. All the mentioned plugins seems to be really excellent, however I know some of them, but it’s good to know more alternatives. And the codes for securing protecting wp-config.php and .htaccess files is also very useful. Thanks Sai for sharing this info :)
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  4. Really Amazing and very interesting post, Im going to secure my WP site with these tips, BTW whatever you have shared. This is wonderful view and now i have found the views and very quite informative that is very useful well thanks for sharing this info.

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  5. First thing what I noticed In this post, this post is very well presented, I like the way of your presentation, and Security is essential for blogging and these Plugins really helping bloggers to stay safe.
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  6. Informative post bro! Great !!
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  7. Thanks for putting this list together. I have a feeling that a lot of people would benefit reading this post before anything happens but I can’t help and feel that they will read it after they had security problems.

    I was aware of the security risk of installing random themes and plugins without actually checking the code in the blog.

    But I never heard about the possibility to backup a blog to Dropbox, so this is something that I will test and install on our site as well.
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  8. Thanks Sai for sharing these ways to secure WP blog, I’m following these tips to secure my blog, backup is most important :)

  9. It really a helpful and great article it will help me lot thanks for sharing such a great article….!!!
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  10. I liked the tip on AntiVirus plugin. Can you tell the name of the plugin. Also how should we protect from irrelevant pingbacks and trackbacks?
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  11. Woah, I didn’t know WordPress can be backed up straight to dropbox. Being an avid dropbox user, I could use this plugin, thanks this was informative.

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  12. my blog already got hacked 3 times & I know what is importance of backup & I think backup to outcome source like drop box is must ,even security plugins plays important role in making your blog secure…
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  15. Hey there Kumar,
    Thanks for sharing this great tips to secure wordpress blogs. It could be one of blogger’s dreams to wake up and find that their own sites are not in their hands anymore. I WP security plugin which works great for me.
    Thanks for the share.
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  16. Hi Sai,
    Security has really been an issue these days. You have provided your readers with some of the greatest and lucid tips for ameliorating the security. Fundamentally, the user name and the password must be done carefully. Thanks for these great useful tips.
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  17. Hi i have only just started this blog using wordpress and one thing i never thought about was security, you have brought up a lot of issues that i shall have to do something about to keep my site secure, thanks for all the info.
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  18. Really Amazing and very interesting post, now Im going to secure my site thanx

  19. Been using WordPress recently and I’m still getting used to the settings. Good thing I stumbled upon your post! I had no idea I’d have to secure my blog. Thanks for the heads-up.

  20. Thank you so much for the thoughtful tips. I could really use a little help especially to securing my WordPress blog from spammers.

  21. Updating wordpress is always recommendable but Sai, I don’t suggest to upgrade to major updates immediately. It is always better to give it a couple of days and look for feedback on it. Diving in to the major updates sometimes welcomes many problems. The recent update to 3.5 caused many blogs to face warnings and errors because their theme was not compatible and some plugins like ShareBar stopped working.

    And above all, having a back up of your files before you update is very important.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..Why Should You Care Quality in Outbound Links?My Profile

  22. That’s a great and details sharing Kumar. I am also using Limit login attempts and so far loving it. For backup I am using Backup Creator, because default cpanel backup doesn’t cover my number of files.. :(
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