Outbrain Vs Taboola Vs MGID

Ever heard about these companies? You probably have if you own a web-site or blog. Outbrain, Taboola and MGID are the top 3 content discovery platforms. Content discovery is an element of a content marketing program. With the help of content discovery web owners can recommend their content to new audiences, boost their website traffic and add additional monetization tools to their advertising inventory.

This is rather new technology which was rolled out less than 5 years ago. Different companies offer content recommendation, but I want to draw your attention to the top three businesses in the field. I haven’t used these services myself, so this article is based solely on my own research and expertise.

Outbrain – proudly states that it’s a leading content discovery platform on the web. It has two options of partnership – Outbrain Engage, which serves the purpose of web-site monetization and Outbrain Amplify, which allows you to grow traffic with a new, engaged audience. Excellent stats, excellent partners and great testimonials (General Electric and New York Post among others).


However you have to have some cash in your pocket or really good content if you want to use Outbrain services, as it’s not cheap and they don’t accept every web-site, because of the strict guidelines. Recommended for promotion of any content.

Taboola – states that it’s the world’s leading content discovery platform too! It started as a video promotion service, and has grown up in just 2 years to become a full service content discovery platform. You may have seen them while browsing the web under the label “Content you may like”.



Taboola offers the same services as Outbrain – driving traffic for advertisers and native monetization for publishers. It helps surface the client’s best articles, videos, and slide shows to the right audiences, looking to discover the content they will consume next. High level, top-notch content.

And they still do a great job at promoting video materials so you should go ahead and try them if it’s the key component of your business. Taboola also has a high expectation in terms of their clients spending so don’t expect to launch a $100 campaign with them. Taboola is recommended for promotion of video content.

MGID – in addition to the options for advertisers and publishers, which are traditional fo these kind of companies, MGID.com offers free content promotion under the “audience development” label.


You can acquire new engaged visitors, monetize your website or drive new traffic for free in exchange for putting their widget on  your web-site. They also have 3 sub-networks – for Sports, Games and female oriented content. Vast optimization options, loyal account manager and good testimonials included.

And they don’t have such high financial requirements for web-sites so if you  own a small or mid-size blog with stellar content – go ahead and try them. Recommended for promotion of entertainment content.

I sincerely hope that this article will help you to pick the right content discovery platform  for the needs of your business.

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  1. i have used Mgid and seen good results.

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