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You have had a long day at work and are too tired when you get home to cook. Or maybe you are just sick of home cooked food and want to try out a few exquisite cuisines. Gone are the days when your home delivery choices would be limited to just a handful of nearby restaurants you know of. Restaurants all around the world have outsourced their delivery requirements, and India is no exception. Foodpanda.in is one such delhi website.


Here’s how it works. When you get to the home page of the website, you are asked to enter your city and locality. Once you do, you are presented with all the nearby restaurants, food courts, take-away, even sweet shops and confectioners, including places that would not offer home delivery on a self-initiated basis. Foodpanda.in operates by taking responsibility for the food delivery of various restaurants, their invoices, and order taking.

Simple Ordering Procedure

So once you select the restaurant of your choice, you are taken to its menu page. This page would enlist the names and prices of food available. Now, in order to order from foodpanda.in, you would have to order food worth a certain minimum sum of money per restaurant.

Select food amounting to that much money and you are eligible to go to the payments page. Payment is either by cash on delivery or by card beforehand. Remember that the restaurants can and do charge extra fees for delivery to your location based on how far you live from where it is.

Once the payment is made, simply enter your delivery address, phone number and other details and your food will be delivered to your doorstep!

Excellent Customer Service


Apart from making it very easy to order food online and increasing one’s restaurant choices a hundredfold, foodpanda.in is also recommended to its potential clients because of the extremely customer friendly operating environment. There is a round the clock toll-free number available to people in India for answering any questions and tending to any grievances that customers might have.

Also, there is a chat option available to all customers’ right on the website. This option allows users to seek help before, while and after ordering from experts.

Fast Payment and Delivery

After your order has been delivered, you have the option of reviewing the restaurant you ordered from on the Foodpanda.in website. This would allow others to make note of the restaurant’s credibility and care and would aid their decision making in future orders to that restaurant. This feature offers to improve not only the quality of service offered by the website but also a restaurant’s overall performance, food quality, delivery time and value of money.

The business is of particular benefit to college-going students, bachelor or bachelorette working professionals and busy bodies who do not find enough time to cook their own food daily. Now they can just eat, and not cook. Also, foodpanda.in makes for an excellent place to order for parties, guest visits and other social events.

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