Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Browsing

Mozilla Firefox is a Free and Open Source Web Browser which is designed by Mozilla Corporation. This Browser is designed for Windows Operating System, Mac, Linux and as well as Android. Gecko layout engine is used to design Mozilla Firefox which also implements current and anticipated web standards.

This initial release of this browser is on September 23, 2002 and the Stable release i.e. 19.0.2 is on March 7, 2013. As of October 2012, Mozilla Firefox is the third most used web browser which counts over 450 million users around the world. You can download Firefox from Here.

Mozilla Firefox is the best and the fastest Web Browser which most of the internet users prefer. There are many number of shortcuts available for Mozilla Firefox to perform some common Firefox tasks quickly. Here we are sharing some Mozilla Firefox Keyboard shortcuts for Faster Browsing.

Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Useful Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

To Open New Window – Ctrl + N

To Open New Tab – Ctrl + T

To Open Address in New Tab – Alt + Enter

To go to Next Tab – Ctrl + Tab / Ctrl + Page Down

To go to Previous Tab – Ctrl + Shift + Tab / Ctrl + Page Up

To Switch to Tab 1 – Ctrl + 1

To Switch to Tab 2 – Ctrl + 2

To Switch to Tab 3 – Ctrl + 3

To Switch to Tab 4 – Ctrl + 4

To Switch to Tab 5 – Ctrl + 5

To Switch to Tab 6 – Ctrl + 6

To Switch to Tab 7 – Ctrl + 7

To Switch to Tab 8 – Ctrl + 8

To Switch to the last tab – Ctrl+9

To view Tab Groups – Ctrl + Shift + E

To Close Tab Groups View – Esc

To Move Tab in focus to start – Ctrl + Home

To Move Tab in focus to End – Ctrl + End

To Move Tab in focus Left – Ctrl + Left Arrow / Ctrl + Up Arrow

To Move Tab in focus Right – Ctrl + Right Arrow / Ctrl + Down Arrow

To Close Tab – Ctrl + W / Ctrl + F4

To Close Window – Ctrl + Shift + W

To Undo Close Tab – Ctrl + Shift + T

To Undo Close Window – Ctrl + Shift + N

To go to Previous Web Page (i.e. Back) – Alt + Left Arrow / Backspace

To Go Forward – Alt + Right Arrow / Shift Backspace

To go to Home Page – Alt + Home

To Open a file – Ctrl + O

To Reload/Refresh – F5 / Ctrl + R

To Refresh (override cache) – Ctrl + F5 / Ctrl + Shift + R

To Stop Reloading – Esc

To Go to Top of Web Page – Home

To Go to Bottom of Web Page – End

To Move to Next Frame – F6

To Move to Previous Frame – Shift + F6

To Print Web Page – Ctrl + P

To Save Page as – Ctrl + S

To Zoom in – Ctrl + ‘+’

To Zoom out – Ctrl + ‘-‘

To Zoom Reset – Ctrl + 0

To Find – Ctrl + F

To Find Next – F3 / Ctrl + G

To Find Previous – Shift + F3 / Ctrl + Shift + G

To Close the Find Bar – Esc

To Copy – Ctrl + C

To Cut – Ctrl + X

To Paste – Ctrl + V

To Delete – Del

To Paste as Plain Text – Ctrl + Shift + V

To Redo – Ctrl + Y

To Undo – Ctrl + Z

To Select All – Ctrl + A

To Open History Sidebar – Ctrl + H

To Open History Library Window – Ctrl + Shift + H

To Bookmark all Tabs – Ctrl + Shift + D

To Bookmark Current Web Page – Ctrl + D

To Open Bookmarks Sidebar – Ctrl + B / Ctrl + I

To Open Bookmarks Library Window – Ctrl + Shift + B

To Open Downloads window– Ctrl + J

To Open Add-ons – Ctrl+ Shift + A

To Open Developer Toolbar – Shift + F2

To Open Web Console – Ctrl + Shift + K

To Inspect the Element – Ctrl + Shift +I

To View in Responsive Design View – Ctrl + Shift + M

To Open Debugger – Ctrl + Shift + S

To Open Style Editor – Shift + F7

To View Page Source – Ctrl + U

To Toggle Private Browsing – Ctrl + Shift + P

To Clear Recent History – Ctrl + Shift + Del

To Complete .com Address – Ctrl + Enter

To Complete .net Address – Shift + Enter

To Complete .org Address – Ctrl + Shift + Enter

To Toggle Full Screen – F11

To Toggle Menu Bar – Alt / F10

To Select Location Bar – F6 / Alt + D / Ctrl + L

Note : Keyboard shortcuts can be customized using the Customizable Shortcuts extension.

Over to You!

The above are the list of Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows which helps users for faster browsing. If you feel that we have missed any of the useful Mozilla Firefox Keyboard shortcuts, then please let us know by commenting below so that we can add it to the above list.

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