Have Old Mobile Phones At Home – Sell It For Extra Cash at SellMyPhone

I am quite sure you have some old mobile phones at your home that are now useless for you. Have you thought there are people who may still need it and you can even get some decent cash for it.

There are companies looking for people who may want to sell their old smartphones. In the past few years we have already seen this trend and if you have not planned to sell your old mobile phones, then now is the time to get some extra cash for it.

SellMyPhone.co.uk is helping people like you in selling their old smartphones for cash. Now you don’t need to look for sell my phone sites, because today I want to introduce you to a very trusted company. This company has great reputation in buying old mobile phones from all around the world. It also pay the same day the mobile phone is reached at their office. Here is what I found best about this company as compare to the other’s.

1# Same Day Payment

Most of the company don’t pay until they have checked the mobile phone completely. Which takes them anywhere from 3 to 7 days. As a seller you will have to wait for a week to get your money. But with this company you get paid on the same day which is quite amazing.

2# Competitive Pricing

Unlike other companies who will pay less for your phone, this company has set the bench mark by offer even more to its sellers. Just compare it yourself with the prices of the other companies and you see the difference.

3# 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

You are paid the exact amount that is shown on the price list page of the models. The price you see is what you get paid. However even after selling your mobile phone if you are not satisfied and you return the cash and can the mobile back in a few days. Now this is something amazing. That is why I stated that this company has got more reputation and these are the reasons behind it.

The 4 step process begins after you use the search box located at the site and get a price for your mobile. In the 2nd step you need to enter your phone model, its IMEI number and hit the sell button. In the 3rd step you fill a simple form with your details and the payment method and send the mobile free of cost to the company. In the 4rth step the company receives the mobile, inspect it and pays you on the same day.

As you can see the process is simple and does not require you go through much trouble. If you are planning to sell your old mobile phone then it is recommended to use SellMyPhone.co.uk.

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