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The new iPad Air and iPad Mini are getting attention, and rightly so. Critics and tech bloggers have claimed that the iPad Air is the gold standard in tablet technology, and most users seem to agree. Although its steep price might be a put-off for some, those who have paid the pretty penny for the new technology claim that it was worth every one.

But those who use the iPad Mini still believe it’s a viable option, and some Mini users are happier with the price, size, and portability. Below is an overview of the iPad Air and iPad Mini that might help you choose which is best for you.

iPad Air

iPad Air :

The name, some say, is applicable, because at just one single pound, the iPad Air is the lightest tablet you’re likely to find. A small child can easily tote the tablet around the house (which may or may  not be a good thing), and you won’t have to work on your weight lifting to use it to read.

The color accuracy of the iPad Air was shown in studies to be better than that of the iPad Mini, thanks to its retina display, so those who use the device for artistic or photographic endeavours might be happier with the Air. If you use your tablet for typing, writing, and communication, you might also find that the Air is more beneficial, since it allows a broader range of motion and a larger, brighter screen.

Since over 470,000 third-party apps are available for the iPad Air, it’s still the most versatile app on the market, and most believe it outshines the Mini.

iPad Mini :

The iPad Mini is mostly enjoyed by those who love the smaller nature of the device, since that was the original intent of the designers. For students, those who need to take a tablet on the go, and those who are looking for a stow-away iPad, the Mini rules, and likely will for some time.

On the Mini, you still have access to the iTunes store, so apps are still at your fingertips. And while some will gravitate towards the Air for its stunning display and world class technology, others will be perfectly happy with the Mini for reasons of practicality.

Which to Choose :

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in tablet technology, the iPad Air is hard to beat. Even when compared with its Apple family members, the iPad Air is the tablet of all tablets. But for those who would rather opt for an affordable, portable version, the Mini will likely  be the favoured device.

Many people are cashing in their old iPad Mini for cash to upgrade to the iPad Air, which you can do if you visit MusicMagpie, but it really comes down to personal preference.

While it may be more of a matter of personal preference than anything else, it’s hard to argue that the iPad Air is back in the spotlight on a global scale, largely outshining its Mini family members.

Its stunning display, lightweight feel, and large screen make it perfect for a variety of functions, and it’s so thin you hardly know it’s in your hand. But for those seeking a lower price tag and a smaller feel, the Mini will still win out, even though it’s technologically a bit behind the Air.

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  1. man i could read a thousand amazing reviews on Ipads and still never buy an apple product.
    i have no doubt that it’s performance and it’s feel is great, but apple products are really annoying,
    you can’t even charge your Ipad on a pc unless you have Itunes ? wtf really ?
    i need Itunes to charge my battery ???
    you can’t download recent apps unless you upgrade your IOS software, and when upgrade software the performance of the device will be lost, so you will have to buy the new product !
    that’s scamming and theft,
    can’t even use it as usb to copy my stuff, can’t play flv videos on it,
    so i have to change format of my GB’s of videos because Apple is too good to allow flv’s players ??
    Apple’s software and restrictions are too annoying and their prices are way overrated,
    definitely not worth it!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch recently posted..Loading, Web Design Lebanon, full-service marketing and advertising companyMy Profile

  2. iPad Air is All Time Favorite Gadget Till date From Apple. :)
    Prazwal Carkey recently posted..Best Evite Alternatives For Sending Online InvitationsMy Profile

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