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All lot has changed in SEO. Google algorithm updates in the last two years have been instrumental in the removal of spammy link building efforts. Many sites that once dominated the search result pages are today nowhere to be seen because of poor link building techniques.

Webmasters have been forced to clean up their acts or risk losing their organic traffic. Many SEO guides around the web question the feasibility of most link building techniques – will they survive future updates or result in Google penalties? But in spite of the fear of moving this way or that, small business link building remains the same – the only difference being the avoidance of links from spammy sites.

Link Building

Links from high quality sites are even harder to come by. That doesn’t mean that your link building strategy is doomed for failure. The key here is to look for link building opportunities from legitimate sites, even if they’re not as established as The New York Times.

Check out the tips below for some tried and true link building strategies to boost traffic and increase your business visibility on the web.

Guest Posting :

Guest posting reigns as an effective link building strategy for both new and established sites. Your area of expertise doesn’t matter – there will always be lots of legitimate sites that will accept content that inform and educate readers.

Research your topic and audience carefully, and write up an informative post. Include a link back to your site in the body of the content or in the author profile at the end of the post. Your guest post will provide a valuable link back to your site along with an opportunity to boost your traffic if you post to a well-known blog.

Write Reviews :

Product reviews present another way to get backlinks to your website. A review posted to your site adds valuable information for your readers, as long as it’s related to your niche and solves a particular problem. But it also provides a reason for others to link to your site. Let the product or service provider know that you’ll be writing a review for your readers, and chances are they’ll use social media and other methods to promote your review.

Establish Credibility :

There are a number of ways to build up your credibility online. This includes guest posts, expert interviews, and answering questions on social media sites to name a few. As you establish presence as an industry leader, it will be much easier to get others to link to your content. Every industry has a few recognized leaders. What’s stopping you from becoming a leader in your own?

Interview an Expert

Whether you’re an established industry expert or not, you’ll always benefit from interviewing another expert. Prepare the interview in advance and publish it to your site once completed. The Q&A session will provide valuable insight to your readers, and the interviewee will be more than happy to link to the interview published on your site.

Link building strategies done right will always reap profitable results. Be honest, be consistent, and remember that quality beats quantity any day. Reward your users with winning content and Google will reward your efforts with lots of targeted traffic.

Author Bio :

Daniel Hicks is an online marketing strategist and consultant. He mainly cover online marketing topics and ideas. Check out SEO Works to learn more about link building.

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  1. Hi Sai, write up is great as link building is common in blogging. I like the method of interviewing the experts………. this will work out in a different and great way.

  2. Hello,

    Yeah you are right, Interviewing an Expert is really cool idea for modern link building and it works really great.

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  3. Hey Sai,
    I think Google i going to blacklist everything what the.., seo is really getting frustrating.
    every link building strategy is being killed by google, its like they are killing seo on purpose, they are trying to promote adword and their paid ads services or what ?!
    i’ve read a couple of blogs (like the searchenginepeople ) promoting the idea that guest posts are dead, killed by google too, no longer effective in the seo process!
    but thank you for sharing the interview idea, it’s brilliant!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
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  4. Hi Sai,

    Guest Posting is one of the most effective and easiest backlink creation approach at this point of time. But, Google has been battling to shutdown guest posting for links as well by nullifying the effect of links from author bios of the guest posts, without proper care, it is still the best technique.
    Gautham Nekkanti recently posted..Whatsapp for PC Download, Get Whatsapp on ComputerMy Profile

  5. Hello sir these methods of building links are really awesome because most of the organic traffic we get from backlinks of our website.
    Harmeet singh recently posted..Skoda announces its New Octavia in India |Price and Specifications|My Profile

  6. thanks for the link building tips dude.. :d
    handytechplus recently posted..How to Protect Android PhoneMy Profile

  7. Links are only one part of your Businesses’ overall SEO. These should also link to your overall message, and match your website and businesses marketing efforts. Google wants everyone to be more connected using the direct message that your business offers. These tips are great, but they sshould match your overall marketing.

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