How to Install WordPress Manually on your Server

If you do not have the Fantastico and Softaculous auto installer on your hosting account, you can install WordPress manually. Please, follow the step-by-step guide below in order to install WordPress on your Server.

Step 1 : Download the installation file from the WordPress Website by Clicking Download WordPress Button. By this way you can get the latest release of the script.

Step 2 : Upload it in public_html folder of your hosting account. You can do that via FTP with a client like “Filezilla” , you can download it from here or upload via cPanel -> File Manager -> Upload file(s).

Step 3 : You need to Extract the file to be installed. Go to cPanel -> File Manager, select the file which is uploaded and extract it by clicking on “Extract” option which is available at the top menu. You can also extract the file in your computer and then to upload the content in the desired folder via FTP.

Step 4 : After Clicking Extract, the will files will be extracted to a Sub-folder. If you want to run WordPress on your Main Domain then open the sub-folder and select all the files and move to the Public_html Folder.

Step 5 : Then after the above process is done, you should create a MySQL database for WordPress. You can do that from cPanel -> MySQL Databases -> Create New Database. Enter Database name and press Create Database Button. Now your Database is Created.

Step 6 : You have to create a user for the Database. You can do that in cPanel -> MySQL Databases -> MySQL Users -> Add New User. Enter Username, Password and click on Create User Button. User for Database has been created.

Step 7 : you have to add User to the Database. You can do that in cPanel -> MySQL Databases -> Add User To Database. Select the Database and User which you have recently created and click Add Button. Then a Page appears that asking User Privileges, Check the All Privileges and click on Make Changes button. Now the Mysql Database Part is completed.

Step 8 : Now we need to install WordPress. Open your browser and type the url After typing url you will get the first page that ask’s to create a Configuration file same as below.

Wordpress Installation

Step 9 : After clicking create a Configuration file Button another page appears which indicates us to know the following details.

1. Database Name ( Database Name which you have created recently. )

2. Database Username ( Database Username which you have created recently. )

3. Database Password ( Database Password which you have created recently. )

4. Database Host ( Put Localhost in this Field. )

5. Table Prefix ( Leave this field with the default details. )

Wordpress Installation

Step 10 : Click on Let’s go! button and the page appears which ask’s the details which is mentioned above. You can see the screenshot of the page below.

Wordpress Installation

Step 11 : After entering the details click Submit Button. Then the page appears which screenshot is below that ask’s to install WordPress. Click on Run the Install Button.

Wordpress Installation

Step 12 : After clicking the Run the Install Button a page appears that ask’s the Title, Username, Password, Email id. Please Fill the required fields and Click Install WordPress Button.

Step 13 : After Installing the WordPress a page appears which the screenshot is below. It indicates that WordPress has been Installed Successfully and asks to Login to your WordPress.

Wordpress Installation

Step 14 : Now Login to your account and start Blogging. Happy Blogging!!

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  1. This is really an awesome and easy to follow guide on installing WordPress manually. Well yes, this will be very helpful if Fantastico and Softaculous, one click installers are not available in control panel in the hosting account.
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