Google Page Rank Update – February 4th 2013

Google rolled out the first Page Rank in the year 2013. This Page Rank update took place as expected from Google. As everyone know how Google Page Rank is important to our blog and Google rank the pages according to the quality of backlinks. This is the big day for bloggers and as well as webmasters. This update made many bloggers excited and also disappointment many bloggers.

Google Page Rank

Coming to Crunchy Hub, Google really disappointed us. We really worked hard to achieve good Page Rank. We regularly updated our blog with good & quality content and also we built some quality backlinks from some good authority blogs. We Expected Page Rank 3 from Google but our Blog’s Page Rank got Updated from PR 1 to PR 2. And most of our inner pages got PR 1, PR 2, and also PR 3.

Crunchy Hub Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank will be updated once in 3 months. We can expect the Next PR update is in the month of May 2013 (i.e. as per the 2012 PR Updates). Page Rank Update history of the year 2012 is February 6th 2012, May 3rd 2012, August 2nd 2012 and November 7th 2012.

You can check out your blog’s PR from or from Guys start building some quality links and make your blog ready to achieve good Page Rank in the Next Page Rank Update i.e. May 2013.

Over to you!

So Guys How was this Page Rank update…? Is your blog’s Page Rank Increased or dropped down. Please share your Page Rank status by commenting below.

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  1. same here bro , Getting PR 2 from PR 0 with in 18 Days is so awesome .. I will now try my best to get a better Pagerank
    Mukesh Kumar recently posted..Google PageRank Update: February 2013My Profile

  2. I have two main blogs. One is at 3 and one at 1. I was hoping they would go up to 4 and 2 but I guess not this time. When I first started I had a Blogger blog and it achieved 4 quickly so I am kinda wondering why I can’t break away from 3 now. Although I have heard that a blog on Blogger will rank a little higher? Still trying to figure all that out.
    Julie recently posted..The Downside of working for yourselfMy Profile

  3. Hello Sai ,
    I am Very Happy that u got updated from Rank 1 to Rank 2 :) Don’t feel bad for not getting PR 3
    But next time you May bounce back and Get a Good Rank Bro :) Continue the hard doing You doing :) Keep the Good Work Going :)
    Srikanth recently posted..Blackberry Z10 Specifications and PriceMy Profile

  4. Hi Sai Kumar
    Good to see getting PR 2 ..
    One of my blog has got PR1 and another PR2.. I am quite happy with this PR update. Really motivated!
    Congrats for PR2! :-)
    Raviraj recently posted..Motorola Mobility shuts down its Indian WebsiteMy Profile

  5. Yes.. some people are happy from this updates, while many are sad.. they were expecting to increase their PR. but didnt happened. any way it is not a big deal. every one should start work very hard to target next pr update, and they will get it… same for you bro. keep it up…
    Anwar Zeb recently posted..How To Make WordPress Blog Mobile FriendlyMy Profile

  6. I’m the happy one with new updates. i like it) Well, i still can’t get why people may dont like the G updates(
    Evan recently posted..Top 50 Corporate WordPress Themes best of 2013My Profile

  7. Just launched 2 new sites both 14 days old and both are up to PR2 after the Google update! nearly fell of my chair last night..
    Mark Morphew recently posted..SendibleMy Profile

  8. Hello Sai,
    Don’t be disappointed. Really some times this is in favor to us and some time not in favor.
    But be continue. your blogs are really good and knowledgeable.
    sanchit recently posted..Online Recharge CompanyMy Profile

  9. Hi Sai, congrats for getting upgraded to PR2. I have also got PR2 and PR3 for a few of my sites.

  10. Mohsin Ali says:

    Google is really surprising us with many algo updates and now with Page rank update. I think that they have changed the ranking formula as my websites results are also very unexpected.

  11. PR still 0, blog is about 2 months old, can you suggest improvements?
    Siddharth Srivastava recently posted..UC Browser ~ A Web Browser for every phone!My Profile

  12. Great this time Google Page Rank blessed me with Page Rank 1 and I am so much happy with this rank. Might be next time it would get double…
    Atul Kumar Pandey recently posted..How to Come Out Financial EmergenciesMy Profile

  13. One of my Blog Page rank dip to 1 instead of increasing. Just wondering why ?
    Pawan recently posted..Cash on Delivery Now on BigRock.inMy Profile

  14. PR updated on one of my sites, The other one which i was expecting is still the same :(
    Saadi recently posted..Update Nexus 7 To Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Vanila RootBox Custom ROMMy Profile

  15. Well, I just started blogging seriously January 16, 2013. Got a couple of external links and backlinks but still trying to find my feet on blog monetization and backlink building. Any tips on what I should do with my blogger blog to increase page rank from 0 apart from guest posting, article and directory submission? Thanks Sai

  16. Not at all happy with update. I expect pr2 for my blog, since I have got lot of visitors last year and its started to flooding now. But still my blog pr is 1. Its disappointing.

  17. my page rank increased from 0 to 2 as I can see on pagerank checker tool.
    I am not sure it a fake page rank or real page rank. I need help can you check from your side whether my page rank is 2
    vishal verma recently posted..Free 3000+ Backlinks for your WebsiteMy Profile

  18. My pr is still 0 , I wonder how did you do it, making it up to pr 2 without having a hard time. But thanks for this at least I got more Ideas about pr.
    John Steven recently posted..Blackhat: Shrewd, but typically Bad.My Profile

  19. Previously had huge expectations but my pr did not increase. keeping my fingers crossed this time.

  20. Any idea as to when the next PR update would be? I’m a bit excited to see where one of my websites would be. Just started it last May but have managed to build some quality backlinks. I’m hoping I’d be able to pull off PR1 at the very least. :)
    Nadia Tan recently posted..Singapore Blogshops – 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start a BlogshopMy Profile


  1. says:

    Google Page Rank Update – February 4th 2013…

    Google rolled out the first Page Rank in the year 2013. This Page Rank update took place as expected from Google….

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