Google Introducing Knowledge Graph to Make Google Search Smarter

Google announced the adding of a new feature to its search engine called Knowledge Graph and it’s supposed to offer more than just the normal results in Google Search. It helps a user to find faster search results. That means when a user search for a popular person, place or thing, the box appears at the right side of the results page explaining more about your search term. Google Knowledge Graph has over 500 million objects and at least 3.5 billion attributes.

Suppose a user search a keyword “Taj Mahal” the first link will be Wikipedia, but now at the right side of the page you will get you will get a short Summary which was provided by Wikipedia or the Other Sources. Knowledge Graph enhances search results in Three different ways.

1. Finding the Right Thing of the Provided Given Keyword

Now Google understands the difference between the Keyword and its Meaning and Brings you the search results according to the Keyword what you mean. Like if a user searches a keyword Taj Mahal then it would refer to the famous Indian monuments, The Musician or a Tea. Google also understands the User’s entity and the way we do search. In this Way the Knowledge Graph makes Google Search More Smarter.

Knowledge Graph

2. Providing the Best Summary for the Given Query

Google can understand a user query and provide the summarized, relevant content according to the Topic. It also provides the Key facts for a particular thing. Knowledge Graph also helps them to understand the relationships between things and also it models all the inter-relationships. Suppose a user given a keyword Marie Curie, the results will be displayed the Date of Birth and Death, Her Education and Scientific Discoveries. With these results it also displays about her children and her husband and the achievements of her family. This is also another way the Knowledge Graph makes Google Search More Smarter.

Knowledge Graph

3. Search Results Go Deeper and Broader

The Knowledge Graph can help the users to make some unexpected discoveries in the search results. When a user search for a query, Google understands the query and gives the perfect results. But now Google can help us by answering some questions before we ask regarding the search keyword. That means when a user search for a keyword, it answers 37 percent of the next queries which is related to the same keyword. This is the last way the Knowledge Graph makes Google Search More Smarter.

Knowledge Graph

Here is the video of the Knowledge Graph :

Image Credits : Google Blog & Video Credits : Google Channel in Youtube

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  1. I think that will low down the Wikipedia searches very much as for almost 90% search queries Wikipedia is at the number first position of Google search engine.
    Zeeshan recently posted..Top 3 Social Media Tools for Email MarketingMy Profile

  2. Yeah the extended knowledge graph in search results is a terrific thing. Much better than showing useless ad campaigns in the right hand side.
    Mani Viswanathan recently posted..Wikileaks’ own Social Network – Friends of Wikileaks (FoWL)My Profile

  3. Google always give value to information or content related sites thats why in 90% of search queries Google give Wikipedia in top search.
    Rizwan Sultan recently posted..Hardware KeyloggersMy Profile

  4. i agree with zeeshan here , its gonna burn down wikipedia like anything, thats what google is good at !
    saad naeem recently posted..Download CommentLuv Premium Plugin FreeMy Profile

  5. google aim is to make search quicker so user spends less time on google , but they dont know that they are killing businesses of thousands and wikipedia will be one of them.
    saad naeem recently posted..4 Recipes to Create an Interesting Website ContentMy Profile

  6. Any update that improves the first page is appreciable. However, this is a major blow in terms of traffic for Wikipedia. After recent penguin update, we can observe that some crap sites are ranking on the first page.
    Vignat Vora recently posted..LG A290 Triple SIM Phone features and Price in IndiaMy Profile

  7. As every one said there are some benefits as well as some direct loss to some sites, However the knowledge graph is an advanced and improved achievement by Google.
    Dijin recently posted..Wikipedia Zero Expands to AsiaMy Profile

  8. Seems like Google will kill Wikipedia very soon.
    Bharat Chowdary recently posted..GiveAway #1 – Enterprise Business WordPress ThemeMy Profile

  9. yeah Sai Kumar Wikipedia content low down in google search and low grade site having good serp.Its due to its penguin and panda updates.
    Tejindra singh recently posted..Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Price, Features & SpecificationsMy Profile

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