Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Browsing

Google Chrome is the free and the fastest web browser which is designed and developed by Google Inc. This browser was announced in the year 2008 and it is designed by using WebKit layout engine. Now Google Chrome is the best and most commonly used web browser in the world. Google Chrome runs websites and web applications with lightning speed.


Google Chrome is designed in such a way where you can customize your web browser according to your need using Themes and Extensions. There are many Themes where you can customize the look of your Google Chrome browser. There are many Google Chrome extensions available which you can use them according to your need, It reduces some of your efforts while working on the Web.


Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts


Recently we have shared various articles regarding Google Chrome Extensions which helps Bloggers, Web Designers and also for Web Developers. Now we are sharing some Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts for windows which are going to help every Google Chrome Users. Using this Shortcuts you can browse faster and also makes you feel more productive.


Useful Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows


To Open a New Window – Ctrl+N


To Open a New Tab – Ctrl+T


To Open a file in Google Chrome – Ctrl+O + Select the File


To Open the link in a new tab – Press Ctrl and Click on the link


To Open the link in a new window – Press Shift and click on the link


To Reopen the last tab you’ve closed – Ctrl+Shift+T


To Switch to the 1st tab – Crtl+1


To Switch to the 2nd tab – Crtl+2


To Switch to the 3rd tab – Crtl+3


To Switch to the 4th tab – Crtl+4


To Switch to the 5th tab – Crtl+5


To Switch to the 6th tab – Crtl+6


To Switch to the 7th tab – Crtl+7


To Switch to the 8th tab – Crtl+8


To Switch to the last tab – Ctrl+9


To Switch to the next tab – Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Page Down


To Switch to the previous tab – Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+Page Up


To Close the current window – Alt+F4 or Ctrl + Shift+W


To Close the current tab – Ctrl+F4 or Ctrl+W


To Toggle the bookmarks bar on and off – Ctrl+Shift+B


To Open the Chrome Menu – Alt+F or Alt+E or F10


To Open the History page – Ctrl+H


To Open the Downloads page – Ctrl+J


To Open the Task Manager – Shift+Esc


To Open Developer Tools – Ctrl+Shift+J


To Open the Clear Browsing Data – Ctrl+Shift+Delete


To Open the Help Center – F1


To Open your homepage in your Current tab – Alt+Home


To Print your current web page – Ctrl+P


To Save your current web page – Ctrl+S


To Reload your current web page – Ctrl+R or F5


To Stop the loading of your current web page – Press Esc


To Open the find bar – Ctrl+F


To Reload your current web page by ignoring cached content – Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5


To Open the source of your current web page – Ctrl+U


To Bookmark your current web page – Ctrl+D


To Bookmark all open web pages in a new folder – Ctrl+Shift+D


To Open or Exit your page in full-screen mode – Press F11


To Enlarge everything on the page – Ctrl+”+” or Ctrl+Scroll your mouse wheel up


To Make everything smaller on the page – Ctrl+”-“ or Ctrl+Scroll your mouse wheel down


To Returns everything on the page to normal size – Ctrl+0


To Scroll down the web page – Press Space Bar


To Go to the top of the web page – Press Home Button


To Go to the End of the web page – Press End Button


To Scroll horizontally on the web page – Shift+Scroll your mouse wheel


To Add www. and .com to your input in the address bar – Ctrl+Enter


To Highlight the URL – Ctrl+L or Alt+D


To Delete the entry from your browsing history – select an entry in the address bar and then Press Shift+Delete


To Go to the previous page in the tab from your browsing history – Press Backspace or Press Alt+left arrow together


To Go to the next page in the tab from your browsing history – Press Shift+Backspace or Alt+right arrow together 


To Open the link in a new tab and it switches to the newly opened tab – Press Ctrl+Shift and click a link or press Shift and click a link

with your middle mouse button.


To Maximize or minimize the window – Double-click on the blank area on the tab strip


The above listed are the list of Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows which can help users for faster browsing. If I have missed any of the useful Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts, then please let us know by commenting below so that we can add it to the above list.


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  1. I think I must byheart a few shortcuts and practice in real time 😛
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  2. Great post Sai,
    This is a true informative post and i liked it. Google chrome has enough and promising features that a blogger just can’t ignore. but i am just too glued to my firefox. Nice post bro and do have a lovely day ahead.
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  3. Hugely useful list, Sai Kumar. Thanks, I love such kinds of useful posts on your CrunchyHub. Keep writing. Chrome is really awesome.
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  4. Abhijit Guha

    wow! I am using chrome for 1 years & I never though that there is so much shortcut available for chrome..
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  5. Oh cool. Thanks, i didn’t know lots of hotkeys. Will try to apply them. Google chrome is my Love. Before I was using Opera and it was hard for me to switch but after the first time Chome conquered me! Thanks again for the tips!
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  6. Mate this is really useful, I found a few shortcuts that really save me a lot of time in my browsing, thx!

  7. Google Chrome is really a fast browser. By using this shortcut I will be more fast. Thanks for nice sharing.
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  8. This will surely help.
    I like working with shortcuts to make my life easier and faster.
    Thanks putting it together.
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  9. You are right Google chrome is very fast browser……..Thanks for these shortcuts…….
    thanks again for sharing….
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  10. Hello Saikumar,
    I also use Google Chrome but I didn’t know these shortcuts. I’m gonna try these shortcuts now onwards ! 😀
    Thanks for the post, keep posting !
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  11. Glad to see the Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts,i would like to add one more shortcut and it is Ctrl+Shift+N this will open an incognito window ,the site that will appear in this windows will not appear in the history and cookies.This short key is used especially when you do not want to know some one about the pages or site that you visited.
    Do try it also
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  12. Wow, that’s a huge collection of Google Chrome shortcuts to make your browsing experience easier and faster. I already knew a few of them, but still some of them are new to me. Thanks for sharing them Sai.
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  13. Nice list of shortcuts.
    Google Chrome is fast enough anyway and using shortcuts like these i can browser really fast :)
    Thanks for the list !
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  14. Really useful, I don’t know most of them. Thanks for sharing.
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  15. Abhishek Agarwal says:

    woO Hoo..didnt know chorme has so many shortcut..i just on this post by chance bt its really impressive…i m surely this that awesome post..
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  16. Ehh Sai Kumar
    Chrome Shortcuts !!
    Thanks but i am used too with mozilla.
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  17. Google Chrome has been and will be the best web browser ever. The keyboard shortcuts make web browsing experience really cool. I’m proud to be a Google Chrome fanboy. And also, you’ll covered every keyboard shortcut. Good post. :-)
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  18. Shortcuts are very essential I think, I mostly use ctrl+shift+del for removing the cache and saved passwords if any, in the private computers.
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    actually i dont know that v can use shortcuts…from know i gona use them…!!!!
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  1. says:

    Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Browsing…

    Google Chrome is the free and the fastest web browser which is designed by Google Inc. we are sharing some Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts for windows….

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