Five Best Free Antivirus Reviews

With the advent of technology, everyone is using their PC’s, laptops and other gadgets to connect to the internet and carrying out their day to day activities like paying their bills, recharging mobiles, ordering food, shopping and also to communicate with family and friends. Since the internet has become an inherent part of one’s life as it connects you globally anywhere in the world within seconds.

Even though it plays a vital role in everyday life, there are also many threats waiting in the wings on the internet. Internet poses a huge threat to one’s PC, laptop or any gadget when connected online in the form of viruses, malware, spam ware, worms and Trojan attacks etc. if not protected adequately. So it is imperial to have an antivirus installed in your system to guard from these attacks and nowadays there are a lot of best free Antivirus for Windows 8 available which will monitor your system against any attacks etc.,

Five Best Free Antivirus Reviews

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

ZoneAlarm Antivirus for Windows 8, everything is accessed and control in the form of zones like the local network zone, internet zone etc. Users are allowed to provide permissions to each zone which program can access the internet etc. It also comes with both Firewall and Antivirus in the free version.

  • Hourly updates are annoying sometimes
  • AV-Test Certified
  • Uses less system resources


Bitdefender developed by Softwin, a Romanian company includes a lot of additional tools along with AV protection like search advisor, Performance optimizer and a lot more. Also the phishing protection feature is the best when compared with competitors

  • Offers real-time protection
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • No Control options provided to fine tune or modify scan options


Immunet Protect is a best antivirus for windows 8 software offering cloud based protections using the ClamAV along with their own antivirus engine. All virus data is stored in the cloud and thus occupies less space in the system. This is both an advantage and also a disadvantage to the system as if the internet connection is not available then it won’t provide complete protection against new viruses.

The software has a very easy to use and clean interface. Also provides advanced file protection and email scanning as well. Other major features are listed below:

  • Immunet Protect can also be used simultaneously with other antivirus software
  • Also offers a toll free customer support and remote customer support too
  • Lightweight and takes less space in the system

FortiNet –FortiClient

FortiNet Free Antivirus is a new entrant in antivirus software space, started by the FortiClient group being famous in the network appliances industry. Even though new to the industry, FortiNet has packed itself with all necessary tools for basic antivirus and malware protection.

  • Offers parental control
  • Certified from AV-Test independent test group
  • System resource usage is sometimes on the higher side while scanning a whole drive or all the drives in the computer as per our independent tests performed with FortiNet.

Comodo Free Antivirus

Comodo Free Antivirus provides a decent AV protection and also has the unique feature of providing almost all of its paid version tools and features in the free antivirus version too, which is very much commendable.

  • Excellent malware protection
  • Malicious URL blocking is not good when compared with other antivirus software
  • Also anti-phishing is also not up to the standards


The 5 best antivirus reviews provided above has been compiled after a thorough analysis of each and every feature in the antivirus tools through our independent expert teams in our labs. So please share this article with your friends and family to help them get their systems protected from viruses and malware.

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