Free and Unique Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Now a day’s getting traffic to his/her blog is a very tough job for every blogger. Every one needs traffic to their blog whether you are blogging for fun or for money. Most of the Newbie’s write good content but they don’t the traffic and most of them get disappointed. They always think that they can only generate traffic to their blog from search engines by doing some SEO, but this is completely wrong. There are many different ways to increase your blog traffic. Here we are listing some free and unique ways to increase your blog traffic.

Increase Your Blog Traffic

Awesome and Unique Content :

Coming to the point providing a Unique and a great content is the first main way to get good readers for your blog. Now a day’s competition is very high in this field so you need to provide unique content to attract more readers. Understand the readers and build a relation with them. Here another most important thing is Title. Yes you need to create an awesome title for your blog post. You need to post regularly in your blog with latest updates in which the first time visitor must be a regular reader of your blog. The Final Tip is “Write for the Users not for the Search Engines”.

Blog Commenting :

Blog Commenting is also the main and unique source to increase blog’s traffic and also you will also get a link back to your site. Blog Commenting means leaving Comment on Other blogs with same niche. Leave your Quality Comment about the article rather than saying “Nice Post!, Great Post!” basically these terms will consider as spam. Try to Comment on Comment Luv Enabled Blogs which shows your latest blog post. Daily atleast comment on 10 – 15 blogs and make this Blog Commenting as your daily work. This process will not only help you in generating Quality Traffic to your blog it also helps in building a relationship with fellow bloggers.

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Giveaways :

Here in the word itself you can understand what is giveaway. Giveaway means giving away some gifts to your readers. That means always try to reward your readers with some gifts by add a small contest in your blog. Try to provide the gifts which are useful. Share this giveaway with your friends and also in your social profiles to promote it. This helps you to get more visitors because visitors always love participating in giveaway’s and winning some stuff. This is one of the best and fastest ways to drive traffic.

Guest Posting :

Here comes the main and the most important way to drive quality traffic. Guest Blogging means writing and publishing a post in the other’s blogs and this should be done on popular blogs which is more popular than your blog. There are many popular blogs which accepts guest post. There will be some rules and regulation to submit a guest post on other blogs, each blog has its own rules and regulations. Firstly read the rules and then if your post qualifies the requirements of the blog then you can happily submit your guest post. This process will helps you in generating Quality Traffic to your blog and you will also get a Do-follow backlinks. By this way your blog’s Pagerank (PR) will also increase. So Guest Blogging is Must and Should for Every Blogger.

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Forum Posting :

Forum posting means participating on forum discussions where you answer the queries of the various users asked. Register on the forums of the same niche of your blog and add a signature with your blog link. You should share and also have to contribute your knowledge when posting in forums boards. Search your niche related forums, register and start posting. By this forum posting you will get some targeted traffic, a link back to your blog and you blog’s SERP will also improve.

Social Media :

This is also the main way to get some instant and targeted traffic to your blog. There are Many Social Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Many More. Create a Facebook Fan page, a Group and share the latest updates of your blog with your fans via your Facebook Fan Page and a Facebook Group. Create a Twitter profile, add your blog URL in it and tweet your latest post in twitter. There are many groups present in Facebook where you can help fellow bloggers and also share your blog posts with them. By this way you can get the instant traffic to your blog and also you can build a strong relationship with fellow bloggers.

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Social Bookmarking :

Social Bookmarking will also help you in generating traffic to your blog. By the way Social Bookmarking means saving the link with adding some tags to it for later use. There are many social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious and etc. Register and Start Submitting your blog post links. When a user search something in social bookmarking sites it show the latest submitted post for the asked query. By this you can gain some traffic to your blog over night.

Email Marketing :

Email Marketing is also another way to get some referral traffic. Basically you all send E-Mails to your friends and family members, while sending a mail you just add your blog post in the mail which you send. You can an Email regarding your blog to your friends and ask them to forward to their friends. There is also a Chrome Extension named Wise Stamp which adds your latest blog post, facebook and twitter profiles. By this way you can generate some referral traffic to your blog.

“Here we have listed the Free and Unique Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic. If you feel any other is best and free way to increase blog traffic then lets us know by commenting below, So that we can add the method which you have suggested. Please Share your Experience with us about How to Increase Your Blog Traffic. ”

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  1. Thankyou for sharing the valuable Information. This helps me a lot in increasing my blog’s traffic.

  2. Nice post man
    i think Forum Posting is good

    Deo Guru Chaturvedi recently posted..Popular Myths After Penguin UpdateMy Profile

  3. Nice post dude, I guess Yahoo Answers is also a good way of building links and getting traffic
    Mazhar recently posted..How to Find Good Domain Names – Domain Name Suggestion Tips and ToolsMy Profile

    • Hi Mazhar, Yahoo Answers also is a good way to drive traffic to your blog. But i think this also come under forum posting. So i have not listed any sites names individually.

  4. Great Post . Very Nice Tips. I Am Gonna Try Them :)
    Saad recently posted..How Often Should You Write an Article For Your BlogMy Profile

  5. You just re-invented the wheel using these unique ways to increase traffic. I was just expecting little bit more from you.
    rakesh kumar recently posted..How to find Profitable keywords using Free Google Keyword ToolMy Profile

  6. Great post Kumar, Giveaways would a great way to drive traffic and engage readers, Subscribed to your blog, hope you do the same
    Gautham Nekkanti recently posted..Windows 7 Registry Repair TipsMy Profile

  7. nice share some oh my bloggers friend use money for increase visitors but its totally wrong way…nice share…these free ideas also increase visitors…
    Gagan Arora recently posted..VPS Servers and Cloud HostingMy Profile

  8. narender says:

    I had well known about give away Nice post thanks for the information

  9. Hi Sai
    Give ways are the best way to get instant traffic! than others mentioned above.
    Khaja moin recently posted..35 Social Bookmarking Sites to Increase Your TrafficMy Profile

  10. Thanks for your tips, Sai! I didn’t know that guest blogging is the most important part of increasing the traffic. I’m going to try it.
    Jesús Flores recently posted..How Good Is Your Spanish Pronunciation?My Profile

  11. I like BLog Commenting which will get some minimal traffic along with backlinks. Will try forum posting also. Thanks for this awesome article.

  12. Great Post! I really loved it! Increasing traffic helps a lot!

  13. Thanks for the tips Sai Kumar.
    All of these are valid tips and I think we can make different article for all of the tips you mentioned here.
    Nice write up,


  14. Social media is the best way to get free traffic for new blogs, I think daily posting also works if we go for quality!

    At the end of the day, sustaining the blog traffic is important than getting more traffic!

  15. Hey thanks for the tips to increase traffic.I’ve yet to try email marketing will try it soon enough.Thanks mate

  16. Great post as always. I’ve tried most of them and from what I have learned giving away freebies is the best way to attract traffic. Lol/

  17. Indeed these point which you talked about are the main and core points from where a blogger like newbie can get traffic.

  18. Great tips Sai, Increase in traffic can make both profits & ranking higher. I like the Blog commenting method as it gives both backlink and traffic to our site.
    Thanks for the post.
    Saikrishna recently posted..Top 4 Android Apps for SecurityMy Profile

  19. Nicholle Olores says:

    Giveaways and blog commenting is so far the most effective strategy for me.
    That is what I am currently doing for my site this time! I used to engage into forum posting but it didn’t last long. I don’t know why they banned most of my accounts with no further reasons!
    Nicholle Olores recently posted..Choosing Carpentry and Joinery Services for Home RenovationsMy Profile

  20. Hey Mr. Sai kumar ,

    Nice post. I already know some methods but not all…
    thanks for reminding all methods at one place.
    Gyanendra recently posted..Auto refresh wordpress pages and postMy Profile

  21. I have only tried a couple of these techniques so far. My next goal is to guest post.

    If I guess post using identical content that I have on my site will I get punished in SEO by Google? I would rather spend time writing articles for my site than somebody elses. I guess one has to weigh up the pros and cons of spending a little extra time on doing so.

    Could you write an article on how to use Stumbleupon properly. I have submitted many links and not received any views, surely I am attacking it the wrong way.
    Harry recently posted..Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ReviewMy Profile

  22. I am doing blog commenting forum posting only but also thinking starting guest posts you have mentioned some good tips for driving traffic
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  24. I got too much traffic by doing the things you said . Thanks!
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  25. thank you for the tips
    i comment on blogs everyday but i never reach the 10 comments/day target
    i guess i should comment on more blog posts
    interesting read
    fanstap recently posted..why do some bloggers become rich and how to be like themMy Profile

  26. Thanks for sharing these, I will be trying out the Wise Stamp on my browser and see what happens.
    Arsie Organo Jr recently posted..T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Ice Cream Sandwich UpdateMy Profile

  27. All the points are valid and can generate huge traffic to you site. But Email marketing is something very difficult for me so cant favor it for newbies. Thanks for the great post.
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  28. thumbnail used for road traffic 😛
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  29. Hi Sai
    We all need traffic to our blog and I think we all would like just a little bit more traffic each day. I agree with your tips and except the e-mail thing I am doing them all. I guess all I have to in the future is to do them all a little bit better 😉

    By the way I found your blog via JustReTweet.
    Thomas recently posted..You have not won 100.000, but…My Profile

  30. HI
    Truley,I am really impressed with your views.But Is there any way to keep the site always on the first page of GOOGLE. Please highlight the major factors which really increased the ranking.I think content marketing strategy is affective to work on rather than SEO and what about the SWOT analysis.

  31. Sai – I followed you here from your comment on magazine3. These are some wonderful tips from you, most of them are what I follow religiously. Good to read anyways.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..Social Bookmarking – Pros & ConsMy Profile

  32. Thanks for this wonderful post, you cover everything which is required to get good traffic. I think social media marketing, blog commenting and guest posts are good for getting traffic whereas email marketing is damn good technique if you are using blog to make money.
    akhilendra recently posted..How To Use Blog Comments To Grow Your BlogMy Profile

  33. Blog Commenting is the best method for getting backlinks!
    Dexter recently posted..299+ Live Wallpapers for Android | IamMitulMy Profile

  34. Hello Sai,

    A familiar but helpful article. Gaining traffic for your blog still remains a challenge for many of us. Out of this post, I love the idea of blog commenting more. This is how we build relations with readers and connect with many enthusiasts.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this

    Sanjib Saha recently posted..15 Beautifully Designed Online Stores powered by BigcommerceMy Profile

  35. It really is a challenge for us to gain traffic to our blog, especially if we are competing with a lot of other bloggers on a very popular niche. I guess the difference lies on how we approach getting blog traffic to our sites. We can do all of these techniques on our own or outsource these tasks and spend some of your extra cash in doing so.
    Neal B. recently posted..Two Ways You Can Learn SEO For FreeMy Profile

  36. Thank You For Sharing Valuable Information. This Will Surely Help Me In Increase Traffic :)
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  37. Rahul Kangjam says:

    useful..have to follow some of order to improve my traffic
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  38. Wow! Excellent post. All the listed tips are really useful. Well yes, unique and good content is very important, along with catchy titles and writing for readers instead of search engines. Thanks Sai for this wonderful tips :)
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  39. Great Job, I agree with the way you told here to increasing web traffic. This post will help newbie blogger.
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  40. Hey,

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us.I will try these tips.They are literally unique tips.


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  43. I am new to blogging .your piece of advice was helpful .i hope some day my traffic also increase just like you .thank you

  44. Good one.atlest i can know have more trafik on my blog.thanks

  45. This is really nice article ..I have just started my blog and trying to increase traffic using these tips. Its great.

  46. Great tips bro. Nobody can deny.
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  47. Good post SAI its helpful.
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  48. very nice article with cool tips given thanks for sharing
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  49. Thanks for wrapping all the tips to increase the traffic.
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  50. Its really an informative post for a new blogger to get traffic in their blog. I do all the thing but never think about the Giveaway, will surely try it one of my blog.
    Rudra Rawat recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Young: Price, Features and SpecsMy Profile

  51. Thnnx for sharing such a great tips to get a good traffic on your blog . Guest post and social media is very helpfull.

  52. Increasing blog’s traffic is every blogger’s dream on this planet. But the how to.. is what differs most at times. Guest posting is something I plan to embark upon.

  53. Thanks for sharing such a great tips to get a good traffic on your blog . Guest post and social media is very helpful. please carry on….
    mahadi1971 recently posted..How to Start a Blog: A Step-by-Step GuidelineMy Profile

  54. Nice and practical tips ,i think Guest Posting and blog commenting are the great and Panda safe ways to increase blog traffic.
    Rafaqat recently posted..Rewrite old Blog Posts to make them SEO FriendlyMy Profile

  55. Oh Yeah! Giveaways. That’s what my blog needed. Thanks a lot for sharing them Sai. Well put article 😉
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..Best Ways To Write Killer Blog Posts UltimatelyMy Profile

  56. One of my blogs gets easy traffic from Google Images. The only thing I do is producing quality large images for my blog and using Alt and Title tags for them. I believe that’s a good technique either. Have a great day!

  57. Increasing blog’s traffic is every blogger’s dream on this planet. But the how to.. is what differs most at times. Guest posting is something I plan to embark.
    Santu B recently posted..Finding A Neck Cream To Treat And Prevent WrinklesMy Profile

  58. Guest blogging and commenting are the best tips ever for a new, budding blog that aims at gaining more traffic. Sharing on Twitter and Facebook helps too.
    Kuldeep recently posted..UC Browser for PC – Free DownloadMy Profile

  59. Thanks for sharing such a great tips .
    I am new in blogging field that is more valuable for me thanks.
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  60. useful..have to follow some of order to improve my traffic

  61. Haven’t really tried socialbookmarking yet. We’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the tips!

    I’ve bookmarked your blog as it’s been really useful to me. :)
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  62. you’re truly a just right webmaster. The website loading speed is amazing. It seems that you’re doing any distinctive trick.

    Also, The contents are masterwork. you’ve performed a wonderful job in this matter!
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  63. Well these are the basic things that every blogger need to keep in mind
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  64. Sai, very nice post on the essentials. In an unrelated matter, Sai, I looked at your 2500 back links post and was curious whether you now consider this to be a black hat method. It looks like the article was written in 2012. Would you still use this tool or is now a bad idea?


  1. says:

    Free and Unique Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic…

    Now a day’s getting traffic to his/her blog is a very tough job for every blogger. Here we have listed Free and Unique Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic….

  2. says:

    Free and Unique Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic | Crunchy Hub…

    Now a day’s getting traffic to his/her blog is a very tough job for every blogger. Here we have listed Free and Unique Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic….

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