Flats Vs Plot Properties : What Could the Better Investment Option?

The concept of flat evolved couple of decades back, prior to that, people preferred to opt for buying land and build their dream house their way. With the life getting busy with time, people started opting out for convenientchoices like flats, though there are people who still prefers to tailor-made a house rather than opting for readymade flats. Kolkata is one place where people prefer to opt for land projects and design their house rather than owning flats in Kolkata.

As per them, a dream house should be crafted the unique way reflecting your taste and preference rather than compromising with stereotyped designs, wherein many people opt for the convenience of a ready to shift flats rather than taking the effort of building a house from scratch, but both the ways have some pros and con

Flats Vs Plot Properties : What Could the Better Investment Option?

Legal Matters

Opting for building a house on plot takes lot of effort in sorting the initial legal matters. Apart from the land transfer deed there are lot of other legal concerns need to be sorted which is very complicated. Moreover, you really need to appoint an experienced lawyer to ensure the land is free from dispute and you can have your house. Whereas, if it is a ready-made flat initial and the main legal hassles can be taken care off by the builders

Deciding on the construction materials and the laborers

Another concern is finalizing the required materials and deciding on the work force to construct your house right from the scratch, which involves taking an estimation of the quantity as well as picking up the laborers and monitoring them. All these are only possible if you have enough leisure, else it might turn out to be a hectic schedule. Picking up a ready – made flat completely eliminates this process

Break free from stereo – type designs

A flat has a stereotype structural designs, but, if you opt for construction of a house, you can customize it as per your wish. You have the liberty to design every nook and corner of your house the way you want

You are blessed with the terrace

Well, this is the most amazing part of it. At the end of the day, you have the opportunity to look up and enjoy the twinkling of stars and getting lost in the Milky Way but in flats you stars are counted according to the width of your window, but yes…, many flats have open balconies to get you the glimpse of the starry night sky

Considering both the aspects, ready-made property has an edge over the house in terms of convenience and time and these are two things people crave for in twenty-first century

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