Why Email Security Should be a Top Priority

Companies couldn’t survive in the business world these days if they didn’t have some form of online presence. While this opens the doors to a global marketplace and enhances the ability to communicate with customers and clients, there are also a number of potential risks associated with operating in the online world. One of these is email security.

Businesses are likely to rely on email for day-to-day activities, and it is a useful tool for sending vast quantities of information in the blink of an eye. However, there is a growing range of email threats and attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This is why email security is vital for businesses.

Here are few reasons why email security should be a top priority and how businesses can be protected using Mimecast’s email security software

Cloud-based security

It wouldn’t be surprising if your business has started to utilise the benefits of the cloud. Not only does it enable employees to work more flexibly, in turn leading to improved morale and increased productivity, it also offers a useful solution for storage.

Instead of costly in-house servers and storage systems for documents and files, moving your activity to the cloud means you have an off-site storage data system that is not only cost effective, but also doesn’t require office space.

Furthermore, in the event a business premises is affected by the damage of a fire or flood, the off-site storage means you can retrieve important files with no problems at all.

While the benefits are numerous, it also presents a security risk. Employees may accidentally download documents containing viruses, malware or spam, and passwords for the cloud network could be hacked, leading to a leak of sensitive information such as contracts of client bank details.

This is why email security in the cloud is essential for your business in order to mitigate these risks, which could cause financial and reputational damage in the future.

Data security

As alluded to in the previous section, data security is a must for business to keep their reputation intact.

Data Security

All employees should already know at least the basics of the Data Protection Act, but this can be difficult to govern if you have large staff numbers.

This is why an all-encompassing built-in data security system that meets all privacy obligations is obtained, in order to keep all information safe and secure and away from the prying hands of data hackers.

Information found in emails can be extremely damaging to a business if it should get out, which is why data security is an essential feature.  It’s not only incoming emails that should be protected, but outgoing messages too, as clients and customers will not be happy if you inadvertently send a virus or malware their way.

Constant threat updates

As email threats increase and attacks become more sophisticated, it can be difficult for even the most accomplished IT professional in the office to keep up with the latest schemes and viruses.

This is why having a dedicated service that can identify the latest threats and implement necessary security updates is essential to ensure ultimate online and email protection is achieved.

It is also a risk setting up in public areas and using free WiFi, as this makes your computer and online activity more vulnerable to attack. This is just another reason why regular threat updates are essential to keep on top of the practices of flexible workers, wherever they may be.

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