EaseUs Partition Master Review

Intel developed the new partition table in 1990s named as UEFI. So, GPT is the subset of UEFI which was introduced in 2010. GPT is abbreviated as GUID Partition table. This widespread MBR partitioning scheme, imposed the affect on use of new hardware.
Now, EaseUs Partition Master is enhanced with GPT disk support, so now you can take the advantage of GPT disk with the partition manager properties.

Inbuilt Windows disk management is not sufficient to resize the GPT disk, so you need the help of third party like EaseUS to resize the GPT disk.

  • Download EaseUs Partition Master and then install it.
  • After, that click on Partition and click on Resize/Move Partition.

EaseUs Partition Master Review

  • Then the wizard will pop up, which will guide you to resize the GPT disk.

EaseUs Partition Master Review

  • You can drag the boundary of the partition to the size you wish to.

EaseUs Partition Master Review

  • After applying, you will have a smaller partition.

There are various improvements in the Windows partition master tools, but still you will be unable to resize the partition and you will need a help of third party software’s like EaseUs partition magic Windows 7.

Though disk management from Windows, has many advantages the only disadvantage is that it cannot resize your partition. There are two ways to resize your partition:

Windows 7 Partition Management

EaseUs works perfectly on Windows 7 and Windows 8. So now you can resize, copy, delete, merge, format, or spilt the partitions.

  • You must download the EaseUs partition master, if you don’t have enough space for the software, then you must decrease any partition to use the unallocated space.
  • After launching, select Partition E, and then select Resize/ Move partition, and then allocate it to the space behind the system partition.
  • Right click on the system partition and select Resize/Move partition to extend the C drive and then click on Apply.

Windows 7 partition management by creating Bootable CD

The alternative way for the system partition is to create the bootable CD. EaseUs Partition master professional edition is the perfect software for this method which creates the WinPE bootable CD before the system starts.

Also, you can dual boot the Windows 7 and Windows 8, and even you can manage the partitions in the Windows using the EaseUs Partition Master free.

EaseUs Partition is the perfect tool for the business, personal and professional uses. You can manage the partitions and even you can resize the GPT disk using the EaseUs partition master tool. EaseUs also is the software which will help you to boot the Windows 7 and Windows 8, also it will help you out to manage the partitions efficiently.

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