Double Your Twitter Followers in Just Five Minutes a Day

Want More Twitter Followers? Stop Making This One Dumb Mistake

You want more Twitter followers, but you’re not sure why users aren’t flocking to follow you. You’ve tried posting your stuff to Facebook, tweeting famous journalists, and even pimping yourself on those sites that promise to help you boost your follower count. Here’s why you’re failing.

You’re Not Connecting With Users

Here’s the harsh truth. Don’t be mad – you’re just not connecting with users. Whatever it is that you’re saying to them, it’s not of interest to them. Maybe you’re pretending to be their friend too soon. Maybe you’re asking them to share too much information too quickly. Maybe you’re stalking them and they think you’re a creeper.

Here’s how to create meaningful relationships with other people on Twitter: know them. Yeah, that’s not as sexy as blasting a marketing message out there and seeing who bites (hint: no one). But, making connections and friends on Twitter is just like making connections in real life. You don’t randomly walk up to a stranger and start being all chummy. They might get suspicious.

Instead, you strike up a conversation with someone while waiting for the bus or in the grocery store while you’re checking to see if the avocados are ripe. On Twitter, you wait until you have a point of commonality before you interject and even then you have to have something meaningful to say.

Let’s say you want to tweet at Chip Foose – the legendary car guy. You don’t just say “Hey Foose! I love you!” First of all, everyone who loves classic cars loves Chip Foose. Secondly, he doesn’t know you. It’s kind of weird for you to say something to him that implies you are just a creepy groupie.

Now, if Mr. Foose said something like “went to Carlisle this weekend,” you might say “hey Chip, did you see this year’s burnout competition? I was in it.” See how that starts a real conversation that’s meaningful to the person you want to connect with?

Visit this website for 10 more ways you’re messing up in your quest for more followers.

Double Your Twitter Followers in Just Five Minutes a Day
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