Why You Should Customize Your Online Shopping Cart System

Like most technology, shopping cart solutions have evolved. The first ecommerce websites were simple, one-stop solutions: They were difficult to get around, did not adhere to Web Standards, and lacked options for customization. Then came the evolution of new, improved, and flexible solutions that not only meet Google’s exacting standards, but are also user friendly and easy to customize.


Since there are many different types of shopping carts available, it is crucial to do your research to find the right solution. It’s even more important to make full use of the customization options to differentiate your store front, instill trust in the customers, and conduct split-testing to increase conversions.

Customize The Store Design :

First impression counts. Pay particular attention to your store’s design because it communicates trust subconsciously to online shoppers.

Use the customization features of your shopping cart system to brand your store front with your logo, design, colors, and layout to satisfy the expectations and tastes of your target audience.

For example, if you’re selling various products, a simple and clean design will appeal to most shoppers’ tastes. But if you’re selling niche products such as bridal gear, then you’ll want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that brides will love.

Earn Your Customers’ Trust :

There are a number of things you can do to gain your visitors’ trust. Customizing various aspects of the ecommerce
store is one way to go about it.

Start by making the cart visible at all times – customers will get frustrated and leave the site if they have to go looking for the shopping cart. You can also reduce the number of pages to checkout, incorporate Save for Later and Wishlist tools, use interactive product images, highlight sales and discounts, and remind customers of abandoned cart items. These are just a few ways you can customize the built-in shopping cart features to build customer trust and loyalty.

Test To Boost Conversions :

All the efforts you put into marketing your website will go to waste if your site is not optimized for conversions.

Every aspect of your site should be structured to motivate visitors to purchase your products. This is where testing becomes crucial. Play around with various templates or tweak site elements to evaluate how customers respond. As you use the customization features of the shopping cart for testing, keep in mind that you should only change 1-2 elements at a time. This way you can pinpoint the changes that lead to increased sales.

Although changing templates and colors might seem to be a lot of work for results that are not guaranteed, every minor improvement counts. Testing might be your only way to boost SEO, reduce bounce rate, attract more customers, earn repeat sales, and learn what your target audience truly wants.

Some of the best shopping cart solutions are great out of the box, but you must customize if you want to differentiate your online store and get the most benefits from your shopping cart.

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