Consumer Feedback: Why Reviews Benefit Your Business’s SEO Results

User reviews can be incredibly useful for businesses. They show the true opinions of customers, helping you to come across as more trustworthy, and if you have a large number of positive reviews, this may encourage more people to buy your services and products. However, reviews can also have a number of SEO benefits.

Make Your Ads Stand Out

Getting more people to click on your PPC ads is always a challenge, but you can give your ads an advantage when you include product ratings in the ad content. Search for a product and you will often see ads with ratings stars appear in the sponsored section of the results, and these stars can help to make your ad stand out from the others and direct more clicks.

Generate Unique Content

User generated content is a great way to get a regular source of free and unique content for your website. Uploading original content on a regular basis is one of the cornerstones of good SEO, and when someone writes a review of your product, this is exactly you are doing. The other advantage is that content added by users often includes terms that searchers will use when looking for the products, and this can help with your long-tail keyword optimization.

Appear in More Searches

Rather than just searching for a product, people often search for reviews of that product first because they know that reviews are an excellent way to get access to genuine opinions. If they search for a review of your product, your review pages have more chance of showing up in the search engines, directing searchers back to your site.

Give Your Conversion Rates a Boost

The ultimate aim of SEO is really to increase conversions, and this is what reviews can do. By allowing customers to leave and read reviews, you can increase trust in your band and allow potential customers to find the answers they are looking for in the reviews, all of which can have a positive effect on conversions.

Utilize Reviews on Third-Party Sites

As well as including customer reviews on your own website, encourage reviews on other sites like Yelp. This will provide you with greater visibility online, increasing the chances that people will find your review.

Don’t Fear Negative Reviews

Don’t let a fear of negative reviews put you off encouraging customer reviews. Marketing specialists like Yodle, Inc. often have to persuade businesses that they should not fear negative reviews, and the reason for this is that you can never please everyone. The negative ones can actually increase trust and respect in your business by showing that you are not hiding anything.

Take Advantage of User Reviews

User reviews, both on-site and off-site, have so many advantages and any business can take advantage of them. Start thinking about ways that you can encourage more user reviews, and enjoy the SEO benefits and the many other benefits that they can provide.

Julie Bonds is a web marketing guru. With a deep understanding of online users and the intricacies of the internet, she especially enjoys writing about the basics of an effective online presence for today’s businesses.

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