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Ever the data-loss situation arisen? Ever your PC suddenly shuts down while working? Ever came across an error message “Important data deleted”? These situations often arise because we are living in technology world where all our important data has been stored in tech gadgets. Luckily, we do have numerous options of safeguards for data recovery. One of which is EaseUS which is a free recovery software helps in retrieving all the deleted files easily and quickly.


In order to prevent your data loss, you must choose the best recovery software and we recommend you all with EaseUS which is one of the best card recovery software available for free. This free recovery software provides its users with its versatile performance as well as an intelligent search through which users can easily specific the type of file formats they need to retrieve and also helps in searching the missing files. Furthermore, it helps in determining the data which the hard drive can hold.

Depending upon the operating system, EaseUS is available in two versions i.e. for Windows and Mac. We just want to mention here that the installation file for both the versions is small in size and will not give any issues while installing on the device. Users can download the free version of EaseUS if they just need to recover files up to 2GB like that in card recovery but if they want to retrieve deleted files larger than 2GB then they need to download the professional version of the software.

The data recovery softwares help in recovering all deleted files and so is the sole purpose of EaseUS. This software supports every file format including compressed zip files too. For recovering the deleted files, this software goes beyond hard drive recovery and supports video players, pen drive, memory card, external hard drive and much more. Furthermore, it also supports every partition of hard drive as well.

It has got very smooth as well as attractive interface and help users in recovering the deleted files in three mode i.e. deleted recovery (simplest of all methods where users need to empty the recycle bin or press shift + delete button), complete recovery (which helps when HDD is formatted or crashes) and partition recovery (works if by mistake the partition has been deleted or affected by virus).

EaseUS, the free data recovery software performs decently and help the users in choosing the file format which they specifically need to retrieve. It also shows the users preview of the images in order to assure about the files that can be easily retrieved. This card recovery software gives tough competition to other free data recovery softwares for PCs and Macs.

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