Top 10 Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

In the Present days “Blogging” is the common word which we are hearing from most of the youngsters. Most of the bloggers are passionate towards blogging in which some are blogging for fun or for money. Day by day bloggers are increasing in count in which they may use many applications in PC, Smartphones, Tablets or in any other gadgets to reduce their workload. Some of them use some shortcuts, browser extensions and also some applications to make their work easy, fast and which also makes them feel more productive.

Now a day’s there are many platforms providing you different applications or extensions where you can use them according to your need which can make your work easy and save your time like Android provides various apps which can be downloaded from Google Play, iOS also provides various apps which can be downloaded from Apple iStore.

Same as these mobile operating system, the latest version of Microsoft Windows i.e. Microsoft Windows 8 also providing various applications where you can download them from Windows Store and start using them according to your need.

Are you a blogger and using Microsoft Windows 8 in your PC/Laptop? If yes then you might be surely looking for some applications which can reduce your efforts and saves your time. Here we are sharing the list of Top 10 Best Windows 8 apps for bloggers which makes the apps selection task very easy for you.

Below are the Top 10 Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

1. : is a first useful app for bloggers who are mostly running their blogs on Using this app you can browse the best and the original content on which includes Articles, Photos, Art, Entertainment, Travel, Food and Many More. You need to sign in with your account to read, follow and also share cool content by reblogging it on your blog.

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

You can Create New blog post, Browse posts on your blog and publish the content to your blog instantly from your desktop. You can also share links, photos, cool quotes and Reblog cool content on your blog.

2. Evernote :

Evernote is the most common application which is used by the most of the bloggers in Computer, tablet or Smartphone which they use. Evernote is the easy and very powerful application where you can remember everything, lifelong memories, vital information to daily reminders and to-do lists.

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

It is an easy-to-use and free app that helps you remember everything across all of your devices. You can run this application in your laptops, smartphones, tablets and the Web, where it allows you to find your memories at anytime from anywhere. This app Auto-synchronize your notes among every computer, tablet and smart phone which you use. You can Stay organized, save your ideas and improve your productivity using Evernote.

3. Analytics Pro :

Analytics Pro a paid application which costs you $4.99 where you can access most common Google Analytics reports. This analytics reports include a Quick View which contains New Visits, Visitors, Bounce rate, Average page views and time on site. You can easily access daily data, weekly, monthly, yearly and also custom time periods.

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

You can also add multiple profiles per account. In dashboard page, the detail page contains up to 10,000 entries of your most used metrics including Keywords, Sources, Countries, Referrals, Landing Pages, Browsers, Operating systems ,etc. You can also see hourly statistics for any custom date and cumulative for a longer periods than a day. This app provides you the capability to export the reports in CSV format for Microsoft Excel or you can directly copy/paste the data from the reports.

4. Adsense Pro :

Adsense Pro is also a paid application which costs you $1.49 where you can access your Adsense account reports and earnings. Adsense Pro is an application which is easy way to access your Adsense reports using a touch enabled interface. Adsense Pro app uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate with Google which is completely secure so your account data is completely safe.

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

This app also provides the reports and charting for Products, Format, Ad Unit, Channels, Size, Bid Type, Details, Buyer Network, etc. You can customize all the reports for any date range. The data available is completely compatible to export in CSV Excel format. This app also users live tiles to keep you updated with fresh page views, earnings, etc.

5. Windows Live Writer :

Windows Live Writer is an application which makes your blogging a breeze. Windows Live Writer app makes you easy to share your photos and videos on almost any blog service. You can blog offline (i.e. without internet connection) and later on you can publish it online.

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

Using Windows Live Writer, you can preview everything which you’re adding to your blog before you publish it. You can see exactly how the images, colors, fonts, and spacing will look like. It is easy and fast to make photos and videos look great on your blog. You can also create photo albums, select the style you want and this writer takes care of the rest. Windows Live Writer is currently compatible with WordPress, Blogger, SharePoint blogs, LiveJournal, TypePad,, JournalHome, Squarespace, Blogengine and Many more.

6. Dropbox :

Dropbox is the app where you can easily view your Pictures, browse all your files, and you can also watch your videos with a tap. You can open, edit and also save files from other windows 8 apps. Share any photos, folders, files with share charm and you can also find your files with Search Charm. Here Search Charm is also supported and the overall the app is fairly basic one.

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

You can backup your total blog into Dropbox using WordPress Backup to Dropbox where you can store your blog files, SQL Database, etc. You can also share your stuff on Facebook, Twitter Contacts through the people app or you can send a link with the mail app.

7. IM+ :

IM+ the best application which helps you in connecting with your fellow bloggers. It is the most popular all in one Instant Messenger application. IM+ supports major IM services like Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo, Skype Chat, Facebook, AOL, and Many More.

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

IM+ features free Photo Sending and text Messages which also supports Group Chats in Skype. You can also add multiple accounts per service and update your Status Messages. You can also customize your application appearance. This app uses your personal data to login to your instant messaging accounts. Using IM+ you can now stay active on all IM services.

8. Twitter :

Using Twitter now you can watch the world unfold like never before. Twitter for Windows 8 brings you all the features and functionality of Twitter, the design combined with the fast and fluid technology of Windows 8. Get real-time Tweets, pictures, stories, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all on your timeline.

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

You can also follow people and your interests to get complete access and unique behind-the-scenes perspectives. Express yourself with tweets, photos, videos, comments, etc. Here the ‘#’ icon shows you the new topics from people across your network and other information which Trends on twitter and it also suggests you whom to Follow. The Share charm makes easier for you to tweet links, pictures and opinions from anywhere in Windows 8.

9. Facebook Touch :

Facebook has not officially released their Official Facebook Application for Windows 8. The other developer company announced the third party Facebook application named Facebook Touch. Facebook Touch is a simple, fast and comprehensive Facebook client Windows 8. This app allows you to have a touch optimized experience of Facebook on your Windows 8 device.

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

Using Facebook Touch you can now access to your news feed, view and compose messages, chat with friends, view user profiles, view your notifications, view events, search people, groups and pages, view the list of friends, etc. Facebook Touch application is not associated with Facebook Inc.

10. Feed Reader :

Feed Reader is the best and the most customizable Google RSS reader application for Windows 8. This is a paid application which costs you $2.99. Feed Reader is a modern news reader application with a classic and list based design. This app is now with inbuilt Pocket Sharing and with Instapaper!

Best Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

You can now access buttons like Next/Prev items, Full Screen view, Star/Unstar items, open selected one in Browser, Mark as unread and with many more features. This app is especially good for tablet usage where you can quickly get access to tons of articles. They are also providing full featured and Ad Supported trail version where you can have a look at it.

Over to You!

That’s It!! The above listed are the Top 10 Best Windows 8 apps for bloggers. I feel the above apps might surely help you in blogging which reduces your effort, save time and which also makes you feel more productive. If you feel any other Windows 8 applications are surely gonna help bloggers then please share it with us by commenting below.

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  1. Great list thank you. Of course twitter is quite obvious tool. But still. such things like IM+ and Dropbox is good to know about)))
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  2. Nice list of useful apps for bloggers. I like the 2nd one. Evernote is very helpful to me to remember or capture articles. Dropbox is also great to store data automatically to your dropbox account.

    Thanks for sharing this nice article.
    Abdur Rakib recently posted..How to Attract the Readers to Read Your Other Blog PostsMy Profile

  3. Evernote and Dropbox is something I can’t live without anymore. I have to check out Windows Live Writer now, because you reminded me. Thanks for the list Sai.
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  4. Thanks for sharing applications for Windows. But seems there are lot paid app for windows.
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  5. Nice Article Sai, I wonder that Windows also support all great apps. Thanks for the information. And main thing, this is for bloggers then its useful to me 😀 Thanks for it!

    Sohil Memon.
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  6. You can easily find the Best apps for Android but for Windows Phone, this one seems to be unique :)
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  7. Windows Live Writer makes blogging very easy and the good thing is, it is completely free.

  8. I have used most of these Windows 8 apps. They are helpful for bloggers too. I need to check Evernote apps. As your description it seems very helpful for bloggers too
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  11. Facebook touch, analytics and adsense are he best app for bloggers, they must have these apps. I don’t own a windows phone but still think that these apps should have with every blogger.
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