Best way to Speed up your WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platforms in which number of plugins and themes exist to create a highly specific equipment for their audience. Are you suffered or permanently suffering from the slow down page load in your WordPress blog ?. There are as many as reasons to slow down of your blog load time like broken themes, broken plugin, Previous Version of WordPress, Themes, Plugins, Large images files etc.

A slow website is going to effect your Blog/Website badly because no one likes to visit a site that takes lot of time to load and this is why Bloggers/webmasters are always looking for new ways to reduce page load time. These are some Easy steps to Speed up your WordPress Blog.

Step 1 : Choosing the Right Hosting Provider. Choose the right hosting provider in which they have less server downtime, bad reviews and good uptime. This hosting information you can get from some web hosting forums. By the way wordpress recommends some the following web hosts like BlueHost, DreamHost, MediaTemple, Laughing Squid and Hostgator (Our recommendation). So Choosing the best host is the main part of speeding up your blog.

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Step 2 : Using a Premium or a Custom Theme can also improve the page speed. So better to use the paid themes or if you have a knowledge of a making a theme its better to made a custom theme.

Step 3 : Use Minimum plugins and external Scripts which is only required. Try to use minimum plugins to optimize wordpress, because some of the plugins are coded badly which may effect your page load time. Disable and delete the plugins which are not using in your blog. so try to decrease the number of plugins and some external JavaScript unless you really need them.

Step 4 : Keep your Blog upto date by just updating WordPress software, Plugins, Themes when the New Updates are available. When your blog is updated, the bad code or malware which effects your blog will be removed and latest version WordPress is Installed. So this also helps to speed up your blog.

Step 5 : Reduce the size of the images in your Blog. If you use the high quality pictures it takes lot of space in server and increase the page load time when a user access it. So better to use low space images or optimize the high quality images.

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Step 6 : Optimizing MySQL database will also gives a big result in improving the speed of the page. The best plugin you can use for this purpose is WP-Optimize. It will remove your comments (e.g., spam and deleted ones), run optimization queries and so on.

Step 7 : If Possible use CDN (Content Delivery Network). It increases your site’s security and speed by uploading a copy of your site in their server and reduces the loading time of a blog when user access it. There are many free and paid CDNs which can speed up your blog. So choose the Better CDN to speed up your blog.

Here are Some Plugins which is used to Speed up your WordPress Blog :

JS & CSS Script Optimizer : This Plugin Combines several scripts into the single file (to minimize http requests) and Pack all the scripts using Dean Edwards’s JavaScript Packer. It moves all JavaScript code to the bottom of the page. So by this the Page load time decreases.

W3 Total Cache : This Plugin improves the user experience of your site by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

WP : This Plugin is used for stripping meta data from JPEGs, Optimizing JPEG compression, Converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGs, Stripping the un-used colours from indexed images.

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WP-Optimize : This Plugin used for database cleanup and optimization tool. It doesn’t require PhpMyAdmin to optimize your database tables. It allows you to remove post revisions, comments in the spam queue, un-approved comments within few clicks.

These are some of the Best way to Speed up your WordPress Blog. If you have any problems/doubts, Feel free to share it with us by commenting below, we will do our best to solve the issue for you.

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  1. I used MaxCDN and W3 Total Cache to speed up my blog. These two elements reduce 40% of loading time and low down my bounce rate too :)
    Tho Huynh recently posted..Animoto Promo Code – Save Lots Of Money With AnimotoMy Profile

  2. Traffic is the main goal for every blogger. Without visitor a site is useless. You rightly said – Visitors doesn’t love a slow site. So every blogger’s goal how to speed up his site. You described all tips very informatively.
    Ahsan recently posted..Zamzar – All In 1 Converter SiteMy Profile

  3. hmm nice tips & for me w3t is all in one solution …
    TechGopal recently posted..Free Giveaway Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 For 1 YrMy Profile

  4. Not really sure about the number of plugins will affect your site, mostly if the plugin has been created right it won’t affect your site’s speed. Use caching system and image optimizer, that would help a lot. Cheers!

  5. CDN is best to load your website more fast. Now a days MAXCDN is giving 1tb free to new customers. everyone should grab the opportunity
    Guppu Boss recently posted..Get MaxCDN free Account with 1TB Bandwidth – Limited OfferMy Profile

  6. Hey Sai Kumar,
    Those are great tips which you shared in this post to speed up WordPress blog and I’m using almost all of them, but one plugin which I recently heard about is MaxCDN which can really take your blog to the next level.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Top 5 Reasons Why Forums Are Important For BloggersMy Profile

  7. Hello Sai,
    I’m a newbie in wp so I start blogging with genesis framework and I use wp cache validor and some other plugins to optimize image, css , and Js and also blog working good.. Thanks for this article It really helpful for newbies.
    Hammad Baig recently posted..How to Analyze Your SEO Competitors ? And Beat ThemMy Profile

  8. Uday Vaswani

    The moment i use any Cache plugin. My blog goes offline. Only white screen displayed when access the blog. Even admin panel does not work. Help me what do i do !!
    Uday Vaswani recently posted..Microsoft Unveils a New LookMy Profile

  9. I am using Hostgator VPS, its just an awesome service.
    I never have problem with server down time, nice service.
    Harsh Bhatt recently posted..Resident Evil 6 upcomingMy Profile

  10. Well, firstly choosing the right Hosting service is very important. Besides minimizing the use of plugins and optimizing/shrinking the images and minifying the CSS/Javascript. Thanks Sai for this awesome and useful post :)
    Nizam recently posted..New Blogger’s Guide to Anchor Text: How You Link and How You’re Linked ToMy Profile

  11. This is the best collection for speed up wordpress blog plugin for wordpress . thanks Sai Kumar for sharing…………..:)

  12. It very difficult to get speed up to my blog. But, this steps and tips can help me to boost speed for my blog. Thanks.. :)
    handi priyono recently posted..100 Christmas Gifts Level 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 walkthrough – answer solutionsMy Profile

  13. yeah CDN is best for all those website which gets high traffic. I am using MAXCDN in one of my blog.
    Tejindra Singh recently posted..Lava E-tab Xtron Price In India | Features and SpecsMy Profile

  14. I used W3 Total Cache but it is a bit more technical as there are custom sections to select and it get difficult if you do not know how to use them.

  15. I know everyone hates slow sites and my blog really slow. I can’t wait more to use your tips on my blog.
    Many thanks
    Chetan recently posted..How important technology for kids?My Profile

  16. thanks for the tips and ideas really helpful to me, I used W3 Total Cache to my wordpress sites.
    France recently posted..How To Add Floating Widget To Your Blogger BlogMy Profile

  17. Thank you very much for the tips! Most of it I already applied on my site and since you mentioned that we better need only a few plugins, I think I’ll discard those not really necessary like WP-smush it since I can reduce the images manually with Photoshop.
    Norman Anthony Balberan recently posted..That ’70′s Show Actress Lisa Robin Kelly Dead At 43My Profile

  18. Yes, Including lots of plugins also makes the site slow and make the code heavier
    anand recently posted..Your 2014 Guide to Pinterest AdvertisingMy Profile


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