Top 5 Best Internet Browsers for your PC

Internet is the word which is ruling the present world. To access the Internet in your PC the most important thing you need is an Internet browser. There are more than 500 web browsers are available in the internet market. Anyway, with the hundreds of different Internet browsers that are out in the market today, it can be real tough to choose the best one to use.


To make this task easy for you we have selected the top 5 best Internet Browsers for your PC considering fast, & secure which makes you feel stress free browsing and we have listed them below.


Below are the Top 5 Best Internet Browsers for your PC :


Google Chrome :


Top 5 Best Internet Browsers for your PCGoogle Chrome is one of the best and the fastest Internet browser which has already made a considerable mark in its short life time. If you’re looking for a fastest Internet browser that has a minimalist feel to it, also having many features, then Chrome is definitely the best browser you’re looking for.


Google Chrome is designed in such a way where we can use many Google Chrome Extensions according to our need which reduces our work effort, and we can also use some Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Browsing which makes us feel productive, Change the Themes, Etc.


Mozilla Firefox :


Top 5 Best Internet Browsers for your PCSame as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is also the best and the fastest web browser and we can easily say that Firefox is definitely the #2 Internet browser which is available in the present Internet Market. This Internet browser has a myriad of amazing features, such as framework, Extensions (add-ons). However, Extensions is the most popular feature that makes Firefox so popular.


Mozilla Firefox offers thousands of extensions for its users in which most of the extensions are completely free. Most of the users use the add-ons according to their which reduces some work effort and which also make them feel more productive.


Opera :


Top 5 Best Internet Browsers for your PCOpera is also a most popular web browser in the internet market which can also be used on Mac and Linux computers, as well as Windows PCs. Opera is very feature-packed, containing many features unavailable with other Internet browsers without sacrificing usability. One very popular feature of Opera is that you can navigate the Internet with mouse gestures.


Opera has many built-in tools, such as an email client and BitTorrent, cutting down on the amount of applications a user needs to have opened at one time.


The reason why Opera is lacking in popularity, even though it has so many useful features, is because it was trial ware about a decade ago, and it also used to be advertisement-supported.


Safari :


Top 5 Best Internet Browsers for your PCSafari, a web browser which is created by Apple Inc. Safari web browser comes automatically with all Macs. Although this web browser is mainly for Mac, users of a Windows computer can also use Safari. Quick page loads are pretty much guaranteed with Safari because it runs the WebKit rendering engine.


Also, Safari allows for quick access of your favorite websites by showcasing your top 24 most visited websites as the default page. The makers of this Internet browser also claim for Safari to execute JavaScript much faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox due to its Nitro JavaScript engine.


Internet Explorer :


Top 5 Best Internet Browsers for your PCInternet Explorer is default web browser which automatically comes in Windows the most popular Operating System. Although Internet Explorer has somewhat of a bad reputation, especially among Web Designers, Developers, and Obviously Bloggers. Internet Explorer is extremely popular and it is designed to view all kinds of web pages easily, it is also a safe and highly recommended web browser for transactions purpose.


Internet Explorer 10, is the latest version of Internet Explorer, by far IE 8 is the best version. Internet Explorer 8 complies with web standards more, has heightened speed, and is more secure, since like Chrome, each tab is a separate process.


With just one search of the term “Internet browser,” you will come up with hundred of results, if not hundreds of different Internet browsers, which can make the choice overwhelming. You can make your choice easier by considering any of the web browser from the top 5 best Internet Browsers for your PC which are listed above. Make sure that you have internet access, like Clear high speed Internet.  This will ensure that you will have the speeds you need for an enjoyable internet experience.


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  1. Isn’t the latest version of IE, 10?
    Raaj Trambadia recently posted..Expressive – A Responsive Thesis 2.0 SkinMy Profile

  2. :O :O :O :O Internet Explorer #KMN

  3. Google chrome best and fast web browser ever but its similar torch browser is very popular.We can download videos, torrents immediately with one click.

  4. Still hating Internet Explorer it is one of the poor web browser in my opinion. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are good browsers.
    Atul Kumar Pandey recently posted..How to Make Your Blogging Career SuccessfulMy Profile

  5. No way, who is using my Explorer? Seriously? I thought Chrome and Opera just pushed out this browser.
    Evan recently posted..Best WordPress Kids themes 2013My Profile

  6. I think chrome is best, but chrome performance is poor it takes almost all of RAM when you use multiple windows.
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted..Best Antivirus for Windows 8 PC or LaptopsMy Profile

  7. I think the only purpose IE serve is for the testing or carrying out some transactions. Otherwise, chrome is the best browser. It is fluid, simple to use and comes with loads of ad-dons.
    Rashmi Sinha recently posted..A touch of brilliance in no amount – Maxtouuch 7inch Android 4OS TabletMy Profile

  8. I think Chrome and Firefox rocks.
    Pawan recently posted..Add & Redirect Your Custom Domain in Blogger BlogMy Profile

  9. I think Mozilla is best . It is stable , fast and secure. Google chrome requires too much memory and crashes all the time. I mostly use mozilla firefox , on mobile device opera is number one :)
    Ashish recently posted..How To Increase RSS Subscribers Easily ?My Profile

  10. Mozilla Firefox and Chrome is what i use and recommend to my customers.
    Sarah Harper recently posted..GoDaddy Coupon Code » SAVE 25% On Web Hosting PlansMy Profile

  11. With any doubt Google Chrome is the best browser ever Done&Dusted !

    thanks for sharing

  12. i like mozilla firefox because when our system take shut down or restart then we open our mozilla and all the tabs and session comes back as it is.
    shikha goyal recently posted..jai shri krishna you are my lord by shikha goyal on Profile

  13. I was unaware about Safari working on Windows. Thanks a lot!!!
    Dinesh recently posted..Best Custom ROM for T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G – Ultimate performance and battery enhancementsMy Profile

  14. Hi
    I haven’t had much luck with Internet explorer. I find it drops too much when a few tabs are open I use Firefox and find it much more reliable.

    Thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Cheap Insurance For Learner DriversMy Profile

  15. Well, I love Chrome and Opera because of the speed and convenience.
    People donot like to use IE but the fact is that we need IE to load apps and even other browsers after reinstalling Window.
    Vkool recently posted..How To Overcome Depression – Depression Help Fast Revealed Effective Depression TreatmentsMy Profile

  16. Couldn’t agree more with that order! IE Sucks!

    I’d never heard of Opera before though…

  17. Great post! but adding IE to the list, you turned this into an Epic post 😛
    Madras Geek recently posted..Right Way to Use H1, H2, H3 Tags in a blogMy Profile

  18. Hello Sai

    I mostly use Chrome, and yes as you have mentioned, Chrome is certainly one of the best browsers I have used till date. Some prefer Mozilla but now-a-days Mozilla crashes so much and I feel really irritating. I was a Mozilla user but now I have completely shifted to Chrome :)

    Sanjib Saha recently posted..Top 5 Waterproof iPhone 5 CasesMy Profile

  19. I am dedicated to Firefox, but recently I am playing a bit with the Chrome which is also great 😉
    best regards!
    Siegfried recently posted..How to find trending hashtagsMy Profile

  20. I’m still a loyal fan to Mozilla Firefox. Quite familiar with all the features and options available in Firefox. I did give Chrome a try, but did not like it. I only use Internet Explorer if certain websites cannot be opened by Firefox.
    Sue Lynn recently posted..Ultimate Logo Quiz AnswersMy Profile

  21. Sure, these are the most popular browsers that everybody knows, but I want my browser to be a bit more unique than this. I started to use Torch browser, which is chromium-based, and is less known than these ones, and I enjoy every minute of it. I use it mainly for torrenting, which is excellent, because of the built-in torrent client that Torch browser has. To make a long story short, it’s a very good browser.

  22. mozilla and chrome are the most used browsers great share keep going

  23. There is Srware Iron which is based on chrome, but is better than it!
    Debashisa Jena recently Review – Managed WordPress Hosting – Just For $9.00/moMy Profile

  24. Definitely Google Chrome. The presence of a wide collection of extensions in Chrome Web Store make me fall more in love with Google Chrome. Anyone else love Google Chrome just for this reason?
    Kuldeep recently posted..UC Browser for PC – Free DownloadMy Profile

  25. Google chrome is the best browser in most cases but sometimes it is lill bit irritating then I used to open Mozilla. It is bit slower but I think good enough for almost every time.
    Prakash recently posted..UC Browser for PC Free Download, Android APK, Symbian, BlackberryMy Profile

  26. Google Chrome rocks for speed but my overall choice of browsers is still Firefox because of its user friendly design and layout and tons of developer plugins. This in spite of the fact that under OS X it is common for the browser to hang making it necessary to kill -9 the process.
    Jason Canon recently posted..Web Hosting – When You Need A Dedicated ServerMy Profile

  27. Hello,

    Well no doubt mozilla and chrome are top browsers and to be honest i use mozilla which give awesome speed while browsing.

    Anyway, thanks for list of internet browsers.
    Sarvesh Darak recently posted..Google Glass and Augmented Reality: Seeing the FutureMy Profile

  28. Google Chrome Best Browser, vry fast working and great features.

    anywy nyc list. :)
    Razak Gory recently posted..Check Status Of Your DMCA Complaints – GuidelineMy Profile

  29. Google chrome is one of my best browser ever…. I dont want to use anyother browser…!!! It is the fastest browser. I am in Love with google chrome…!!!
    Ahsan recently posted..Firefox OS Launched For SmartphonesMy Profile

  30. Mozilla Firefox comes as a pre-installed package in Linux (Ubuntu & Mint). And indeed, it has produced great results on Linux platform. If you would use Firefox on Linux, there is no need to find any alternative.

    For Windows, I have had horrible experiences using Firefox. Google Chrome runs like butter on Windows without facing any crashes. I would prefer Chrome on Windows.
    Mandar recently posted..NETWORK SWITCH : Purpose and FunctionsMy Profile

  31. Nice post thanks for sharing. Mozilla firefox is the best web browser for me.

  32. Google chrome is top browser it really gives best speed for browsing and second I prefer mozilla it also gives good speed for surfing……
    Harmeet singh recently posted..Skoda announces its New Octavia in India |Price and Specifications|My Profile


  1. says:

    Top 5 Best Internet Browsers for your PC…

    Internet is the word which is ruling the world. There are more than 500 browsers are available in which we have listed top 5 best Internet Browsers for your PC….

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