Top 3 Best CDN (Content Delivery Network) Services

We discussed in the earlier post regarding “What is CDN? What are the Benefits of Using CDN?” Here again I am explaining briefly what CDN is and Benefits of using it. CDN means Content Delivery Network/Content Distribution network which is used to Speed up the loading time of your blog/website.


Benefits of Using CDN :


By using CDN in your blog


  • Your blog never go down and your blog’s page speed will be improved.
  • It tends your blog to rank higher in Search Engines which also helps to reduce the bounce rate.
  • It reduces the server errors and blog downtimes. It can also handle huge amount of traffic where your main server can’t and sometimes your main server may get crashed.


The above are the benefits of using Content Delivery Network in your blog. There are many Content Delivery Network service providers, among all the services we have listed the Top 3 best CDN Services.


Below are the Top 3 Best CDN (Content Delivery Network) Services


MaxCDN :


MaxCDN is one of the best and the most popular Content Delivery Network provider. MaxCDN is built upon NetDNA’s CDN system to deliver a simple, affordable, fast CDN for everyone. They speed up your site and decreases the server load. It is very easy to setup and you can also easily integrate with WordPress using W3 Total Cache Plugin. It offers wide range of services with affordable prices.


Top 3 Best CDN Services


They are offering 1TB of bandwidth for just $39.95 for the first year. After your first year you need to pay $99 for 1 TB of bandwidth. To upload larger files you need to pay for storage, which costs you $9.95 per month for 10GB. Overall the price of MaxCDN is really cheaper than the other services.


Amazon CloudFront :


Amazon CloudFront is also a well known Content Delivery Network provider in the cloud industry. Amazon CloudFront is used to deliver your entire website, including dynamic & static Content and streaming content using a global network of edge locations. You need to store your files in another Amazon Web Service like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon Simple Storage Service which costs you $0,093 per month for 1GB.


Top 3 Best CDN Services


Here you can pay for what you use and there is no minimum fee to start with. You can also estimate your monthly bill using the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator. Normally the total Price may go upto 300$ for 1 TB of bandwidth. Amazon CloudFront is only recommended for small websites/blogs. This CloudFront distribute data with high transfer speed which uses over 19 edge nodes across worldwide and also 3 edge nodes in Asia for Asian traffic.


CloudFlare :


CloudFlare is also the most popular and the well known Content Delivery Network provider in the present cloud industry. CloudFlare Speed up your blog and it also protects your blog from Spammers. CloudFlare acts as middle agent and it collects the threat information from nasty bots, spammers etc. and protect your blog from them by asking them to fill the CAPTCHA whenever it’s in doubt.


Top 3 Best CDN Services


They also block threats and limit abusive bots and crawlers from wasting your bandwidth and resources. Once your blog is part of CloudFlare then your web traffic is routed through their intelligent global network. There are 3 different plans Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise with different features and prices. So you can get started with Free Plan and if you satisfy with it then you can upgrade your plan according your need. Finally CloudFlare is Just not a CDN but it is also provides Security to your blog.


Over to You :


That’s It! we have listed the Top 3 best CDN Services which takes your Website/Blog to next level. If you have used any CDN services from the above list or used any other CDN services then feel free to share your experience with us by commenting below.


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  1. Hi Sai,

    I don’t recommend anyone to use Cloudflare. I’ve had bad experience with them.

    When I setup cloudflare. It started working perfect but just after few hours site got slow and my blog readers was not able to view.

    So, I just removed it. Instead I am using Super Cache plugin and CDN service. 😀
    Ammar Ali recently posted..8 Reasons Why I Hate Google AdsenseMy Profile

  2. i use cloudflare free services
    vishal verma recently posted..2012 The Year Of The Penguin & PandaMy Profile

  3. I have personally used CloudFlare and i can tell you its a great CDN and the best part is that its free. Nice write, great blog…thanks
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted..List of Useful Social Media Automation Tools for Small BusinessesMy Profile

  4. There are No doubts that these CDN services are the best around thanks for sharing bro
    anis recently posted..Inspirations Tips to Keep On Writing Must Read !My Profile

  5. I have chosen Amazon CloudFront to serve my purpose. It is simple to use and has proven to be highly effective for my blog.
    Thanks for sharing this list.
    Rashmi Sinha recently posted..Office 365: The New Office ArrivesMy Profile

  6. I work with Amazon CloudFront ! It is indeed an awesome thing! But a friend of mine says that it is too complicated for him as a CDN.. So, tastes are different! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know these other CDN. Have to try them too.
    Evan recently posted..Free Transportation Joomla ThemesMy Profile

  7. These look like they are definitely worth checking out, thanks for sharing.

  8. I am using Max CDN. It seems the perfect one for me. I think cloudflare is also a good Maxcdn alternative. Thanks For the list bro.
    Narender Chopra recently posted..CTET 2013 Online Application FormMy Profile

  9. I never used these CDNs, but I need any free things in those. Do you have any idea about free CDN ?

    • Richard M says:

      MaxCDN do not offer free plan, but afaik edgecast did so. Also has 14 days free trial and some added free services in their PayAsYouGo programm (such as shared SSL, some storage etc.)

  10. i find amazon web services as best cdn service
    Jaykrishna recently posted..Aspects Of Internet Marketing To Help Your Blog And You To Fly HighMy Profile

  11. Yea, i like MaxCDN, but when i try to register via Credit card the process is always ends up in error , saying that the card isn’ mine ..

    when i contacted them, what they ask is my Credit Card Details, so that they’ll create an account for me…

    I’m bit confused whether to provide those details are not.. anyway , i will go for it .awesome service / feedback from everyone who use them..
    Manivasagam recently posted..Canon EOS 1100 DSLR Price in India, Listed for Rs.22000 at ShopCluesMy Profile

  12. Hi Sai,

    I totally agree with you that MaxCDN is the best option. I’ve been using their service for a couple of months now and it greatly improved my website’s performance.

    I was using Cloudflare’s free service before that and although it doesn’t compare with paid services it still did a great job with lowering my website’s loading time.
    Haven’t yet tested Amazon’s service but I also heard a lot of good things about it.

    Philip recently posted..Bluehost Review: Affordable Web Hosting for Small Business WebsitesMy Profile

  13. Nice write up buddy and I have also write a post on the same topic about CloudFlare free CDN. As most of people out there like me can’t afford premium CDN. Anyways, thanks…
    Muhammad Haroon recently posted..Conclusive Guide to WordPress SEO by YoastMy Profile

  14. I haven’t use any of them so can’t say this time which is best. But as soon as I will use them I would like to share my experience with others. Thanks, for suggesting.
    Lalita Bisht recently posted..Winning the Internet Marketing War – A Comprehensive Strategy GuideMy Profile

  15. I didn`t use cloudfare and Amazon. Am using MAXcdn it`s awesome. But when you have lots of data or when you`ve BIG site I don`t think MaxCDN help in that case.

    Khaja Moin recently posted..7 Duplicate Content Checker Tools OnlineMy Profile

  16. I’m using Cloud Flare and I love it. Free service with a ton of other free stuff added on? This article does a great job of explaining the CDN’s out there today.
    Jason Mathes recently posted..Creating a Business Plan for Your New Blog | Why Its Important!My Profile

  17. Thanks for writing this useful article. When i was new to blogging, I usually participate in all giveaways and use it for my blogs if I win. Like that I won the MAX CDN also for 1 year. Really I didn’t know the use of it or how to use. But later on winning it only I came to the worth of using it in a blog.

    So it is always a good tool for the bloggers to use the CDN network for their blogs mainly for increasing the loading speed.
    Shathyan Raja recently posted..Samsung Galaxy S4 release date and price in UKMy Profile

  18. Hi there!

    Thanks for writing. Nice to know :)

    I uses CloudFlare at the moment (free account) since I yet to hit 1k traffic per day. I believe paid CDNs are much better but only useful when you are running high traffic blogs. Moderate traffic blogs (and small blogs like mine) could easily run without a CDN or with free CDNs like Cloudflare and Incapsula.

    Nonetheless, if you ask me, I still prefer having at least a free CDN for protection :) Moreover it’s free right?

    I enjoyed your writing and keep it up!

    Reginald recently posted..12 Killer (Must Have) Blogging Tools For BloggersMy Profile

  19. Love CloudFlare and it’s free service. I do recommend that if you have low budget.
    In addition, you can use CloudFront if you have small site and you are still hungry for acceleration.
    Digitaldots recently posted..5 Ways to Prevent Duplicate Content on Your SiteMy Profile

  20. Hello,

    I have used MaxCDN and I think it is the best. But if you have low budget then Cloudflare is suitable for small websites.
    Aamer recently posted..How To Lock Apps On iOS 7 Using Pass CodeMy Profile


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    Top 3 Best CDN (Content Delivery Network) Services…

    CDN is used to Speed up the loading time of your blog. Here are the Top 3 Best CDN (Content Delivery Network) Services….

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