Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud computing is a general term which involves the delivering of computing and storage capacity. This Technology assign the responsibility for doing services with a software, user’s data and computation on a network. This Services are divided in to three types 1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), 2. Platform as a Service (PaaS) and 3. Software as a Service (SaaS).

This cloud Technology allows us to store files and documents, maintain and access the files at any computer with an internet connections. Now a day’s everyone is sure that cloud Technology is the main key for the coming future of IT. The Very typical of a cloud technology is Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and etc. Many business owners are switching to cloud technology to store their files online. But there are many advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

Advantages of Cloud Computing :

1. Cloud Computing is the best cost efficient method to maintain, use and also to upgrade. Normally desktop software’s charge companies a lot. Adding the multiple user licenses to the software is also very costly and increases the company’s expenditure.

2. On the other hand, This Cloud Technology is more cheaper and also reduces the company’s expenditure. Here you can pay only for the cloud space you need.

3. You can also get the unlimited storage according to plans provided by the cloud provider. You need not to worry about the running out of the disk storage or to increase your current storage.

4. It is easy to access the information all over the world using internet connection. You can also give access to any one and also share the documents to your office staff more easily.

5. In the Cloud software is integrated automatically, that means you need not take much efforts to customize your application. Here just you need to pick up those software and services which is suitable for your business.

6. Although your complete data is stored in the cloud it is very easy to take backup and restore of files. It is much more easier then storing in the physical drive.

7. Cloud Computing can also decreases the Company’s carbon discharges by 35%.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing :

As there are many advantages which are mentioned above, there are disadvantages of cloud computing also.

1. As you know the data can be accessed by anyone and at anytime. But sometimes this cloud system can have some serious disturbance so you cannot access your files from cloud. This will be rare when you choose a reliable provider.

2. The other main problem in the cloud computing is Security. Before implementing this technology, you must know that you are submitting all the company’s information to third party cloud provider. This may put your company in to the great risk. So make sure that you choose right and a reliable provider to keep your data totally secure.

3. Storing data in the cloud may make your files exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed even after updating your virus database. So this is also the main drawback and also puts your company in to great risk. So be careful while choosing your Cloud Service Provider.

Final Conclusion :

As every services, the cloud Technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Implementing this service is a great asset for your company but if you don’t know properly to use it, it may harm your files. So make sure to use this technology after understanding the services and how to use it properly. Share your Experience of Cloud Computing by commenting below.

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  1. Very well written :-)

  2. There is lots of content for cloud computing over internet 😐 but this article provides wonderful insights on benefits of cloud computing 😉 i am subscribing to email updates :)
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  3. There are really a lot of advantage and disadvantage for cloud computing but it is still useful and even though there is a disadvantage like the safety and secrecy there are still a lot of people using a cloud computing.

  4. i think cloud computing is simple solution for storage problem , but still it’s not possible for many to get internet to access that data …so still it’s not good option to store important data
    TechGopal recently posted..Free Giveaway Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 For 1 YrMy Profile

  5. One thing that has always worried me about using cloud computing is the security aspect. I’m currently using Apple’s iCloud service, but I often wonder what’d happen if they had a security breach which could then leak personal documents into the wild.

    It’s a scary thought. We just have to rely on these companies to provide maximum security of our data.
    Jake Ru recently posted..Open Office DownloadMy Profile

  6. I think this is an excellent post. You have well written every aspect. I would like to add here that the flexibility is also an issue. you just cannot request every other day to the cloud service providers you need updated software systems. They may not be able to provide what you need on urgent basis.



  7. I agree, there are many advantages and disadvantages about cloud computing. I think the most notable advantage is how cost effective it is along with the limitless amount of storage available. For a small business this would be considered a miracle, but for banks or other high corporate companies cloud computing risks the businesses security and privacy. The security and privacy issues are something that these cloud providers must tackle. before major companies begin to outsource all of their very important documents. A great cloud app that I’ve found is TimeWellScheduled, a time and attendance system that allows employee scheduling, shift trading and export to payroll systems. It can be used on the go via mobile devices and tablets. It is a great example for the advantages of cloud computing.

  8. hi i am just woundering has ryanair ever use this Technology

  9. Cloud computing is basically a resource that can be used to keep your business online platform while you worry about other commodities about your business. It basically changes the way the developer in accordance with the criteria for the IT software. Cloud computing is always moving and changing every year, so that will work best for your personal and business applications.

  10. kolawole Femi says:

    cloud computing is a new paradigm over the exiting computing system like utility,network ,grid internet. what has really brought about the shift to these new system i.e the advantage of cloud computing over these existing system.
    also, the means of implementing this new system i.e storage into the cloud has been another issue that the cloud provider has been silence about. can it be review for the sake of we, the incoming generation.


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