A Day in the Life of the Internet – Infographic

Today the Internet continues to grow, with ever greater amounts of online info, e-commerce, entertainment, and social networking. Most of the people across the world are being connected to the Internet for one or the other reason. There are 2.4 billion internet users worldwide where 70% of them using the internet every day.

Long ago the Internet wasn’t even a thing but now it’s something that we can’t do without. The mobile devices and the mobile internet users are increased in which 38% of media interactions made every day on Smartphones. Now most of the Internet users are spending up to 3.2 hours of every day on Social Media.

Do you believe this average of 139,000 new websites go live every day ? Yes you heard is true Avg of 1 lakh 39 thousand websites go live every day. Google is the most popular search engine with 88% of market share where Bing with 4.2%, Baidu with 3.5% and Yahoo with 2.4%.

Gmail is the most popular email provider with 425 million active users where 144 billion emails are sent each day in which 68.8% of the emails are spam! Coming to the point of YouTube, YouTube has 4,000,000,000 views everyday where 133 million hours of videos are watched and 60 hours of video uploaded for every 60 seconds.

Let’s have a look at the awesome Infographic by HostGator “A Day in the Life of the Internet”.

A Day in the Life of the Internet

Can You Imagine a Day without the Internet ? Please Share your views by commenting below.

[Source : HostGator]

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  1. Hi Sai,

    I’m landing in your blog for the first time and have to say Nice blog you have. Nice and Simple design.

    About the post,

    Absolutely correct, today net is growing day by day and it’s also true we can’t imagine our life without internet.

    Specially we bloggers really can’t. Agree? 😉

    Good Share Buddy !!

    Sugandha Agarwal recently posted..Twitter Music App Is LiveMy Profile

  2. Excellent infographic Sai. I am most impressed by the number of sites that go live daily :) Its too much competition 😛
    Chitraparna recently posted..Giveaway #5 – MaxBlogPress 3 Subscribers Magnet & 3 Ninja Affiliate LicensesMy Profile

  3. Great post bro…infographic itself tell how much you have worked on it.
    Neeraj recently posted..Bitter Reality Behind IAS topper 2013 Haritha V KumarMy Profile

  4. That’s amazing how easily internet came to our life., I wouldn’t believe if not this Infographics. I’m seriously impressed. Google indeed is the best + Facebook… As for the number of sites thatare launching every day is true, but yuo should add that70% of them are failed after the first week…
    Evan recently posted..Set Of Free Political Drupal ThemesMy Profile

  5. Really nice Infographic and some stunning facts like 1 lakh 39 thousand sites go live every day, billion of mails sent every day and 4 billion youtube views per day, didn’t knew about any of these.
    Thanks for sharing these amazing facts.
    Karan recently posted..Upload Video To Multiple Sites At OnceMy Profile

  6. I love this infographic! What caught me by surprise was that the top web browser is Chrome. Personally it is my lease favorite. I would much rather use Firefox or IE.
    Sicorra recently posted..How to Retire Without Spending a FortuneMy Profile

  7. I am surprised that Russian isn’t one of the most used languages – I would have thought it was.
    Carlie Hamilton recently posted..Understanding Your Analytics – Bounce RateMy Profile

  8. Wow, 8 people start using internet per second. Very Attracting infographics Sai. Great Work.
    Rudraksh Pathak recently posted..Starting Blog: Learn How to Manage itMy Profile

  9. Now we can understand the importance of Internet :)
    I just can’t live without the net. It helps me in tons of ways.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful info-graphics..
    Resham Panth recently posted..What is a Complete Nandroid Backup? How to Make and Manage a Nandroid Backup!My Profile

  10. Nice infographic, thanks for sharing. Quite amazing how Chrome become number one browser in such a short time span. Sad to see the decline of Firefox.

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