3 Things to Know about the Panda Updates and How They Impact Your Website

In February 2011, the first wave of SEO changes rolled over the Internet as Google released its first Panda update. In the years since, Google has added several algorithm updates and fine-tuned its search engine even more to be able to pick up on the best and worst sites online. Panda was primarily aimed at “thin sites” or spammy sites and helped decrease search engine rankings for sites thought irrelevant. Of course, some business owners disagreed over whether their sites were irrelevant to certain queries!

Panda Updates

There are a few things you must know about the Google Panda updates and how they have affected – and continue to affect – sites all over the Internet. Here’s what you should be aware of before you start building your site.

It only takes a few low-quality pages to damage your site :

If your rankings plummet, it could be caused by just a couple of low-quality pages. Google is more relentless than ever in seeking out poor-quality content and penalizing the entire site that hosts it, so if your business model relies on a few great pages and lots of spun or duplicated pages that point to these goldmine pages, you could be out of luck. Instead, focus on getting rid of everything that is useless, spammy, duplicated, or poor-quality.

Every page on your site should be high-quality if you’re looking to get back into Google’s good graces. If you have multiple contributors, make sure they know about these rules, too. It’s better to leave your site without its daily blog post than rush through and publish a post that has been published elsewhere and doesn’t provide any new value.

You need to provide something unique and of value on each page :

Your posts might just be saying the same thing that every other article or post on the topic says. If this is the case, you can’t expect great results from the Panda updates to Google’s algorithms. Matt Cutts (Google’s head of web spam) has said that you need to provide something different on each page.

If you have location pages that describe information on each physical outlet location, use a few sentences to describe what is unique about this location and why users should choose it rather than others, for instance.

Stay on top of all industry developments :

Whether you’re reading virtual hosting for news on web hosting providers or Google’s official blog for SEO updates, the Panda updates affect your website in a big way. This emphasizes how important it is to stay on top of updates and keep track of your rankings from day to day.

If you notice a big drop, search out information on the latest updates and see if there is a Panda update responsible for the drop. Catching it sooner makes it easier to test fixes, read what Google has said about ways to fix the problem, and so on.

The impact of each Google algorithm update on websites across the Internet cannot be overstated. Some websites survived just fine, and others were devastated. If your website took a beating, it isn’t too late! You might have to revisit your content marketing strategy or look at getting more unique, useful content, but you can still get back in the game.

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Gavin Carter is an SEO consultant. He frequently writes about search engine optimization for small business websites. Check out Virtual Hosting for Webhosting Reviews.

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  2. Hey Sai,
    I guess Google algorithm change all the time, Penguin , Panda … all won’t matter.
    It always comes down to the basics, some things never change. Good content and natural linking,
    If you got that you never have to worry about any future updates.
    If you are going to do something, do it right, if you think you can trick the search engines it will come back and hunt you sooner or later.
    Many thanks and Best Wishes!
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  5. Nice tips by Gavin. At present SEO trend quality and quantity both matters a lot.
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  6. Hi
    This Panda and Penguin updates have made life miserable. It is really hard to understand what exactly Google wants from us. Once your blog is hit by these animal updates, it is very very difficult to recover. I have seen many good blogs getting affected by these updates.
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  7. Hi Sai Kumar
    nice to read the words,actually Google Panda hit the website having low quality,thin or irrelevant niche articles,the only thing that can survive or keep us away the effect of these updates is the QUALITY and VALUABLE CONTENT.
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    Did you hear that Penguin 2.1 has been released today, is it true?
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  9. The proper content and quality of your blog matters if your blog contains spams and other items which are banned then you are in blacklist…
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