10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Hello Friends, Today I want to share the 10 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers. We everyone know that Google Chrome is the Fast and the commonly used Web Browser World Wide. As we discussed in the older post i.e. “Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers” This browser is designed in such a way that we can add some extensions which reduces some of our effort while working on the Web.

There are N number of Google Chrome Extensions which is used according to our need. Coming to Developers point of view there are many extensions which reduces their effort in their work. So here are the most commonly used extensions by Web Developers which i wanna share with you.

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Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers:

Google Chrome Extensions

HTML Instant :

This is one of the best HTML extensions where we can edit HTML code in real time. Here you just need to enter HTML, JavaScript, CSS in the left side pane and you will get a instant result in the right pane. This Extension is mainly used for teaching or learning HTML. You can also embed your pictures form image source. This Extension supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the panes are also re-sizable. We can say that this is an great alternative for the online editors like W3schools tryit editor. Here the main drawback is If you select to use the online editor at htmlinstant.com, it won’t work when the MeasureIt! Extension is enabled.

Download HTML Instant Extension Here

Chrome Sniffer :

This Extension is used to detect the Web Frameworks, CMS, JavaScript libraries on currently browsing websites. This will help web developer to inspect the following the web applications running on the browsing website. The detected Framework will be indicated by a particular icon which will be displayed on the address bar. Presently this extension will detect more than 100 CMS and JavaScript libraries.

Download Chrome Sniffer Extension Here

Stylebot :

This Extension allows you to change the appearance of any Website using Custom CSS. You need to pick any CSS element and make the changes which you actually required. You can change the background, margins, padding, font color & size, Visibility and many more. You can also write the CSS Manually if you have the complete knowledge of CSS. By using this extension you can personalize the look of your favorite website. We can also learn CSS by using this tool and you can atleast debug your own website’s design. The main drawback here is This Extension won’t work well with iframes.

Download Stylebot Extension Here

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Pendule :

We can say that this is the extended web developer tool for chrome. By using this extension you can view the CSS of the current webpage, Reload CSS, you can also disable all the Styles, inline styles, and you can also see the colors which is used in the current webpage. There is an option Forms where you can see passwords, hide elements and etc. And many other options like Images, Miscellaneous, Resize browser and Accessibility.

Download Pendule Extension Here

Speed Tracer :

Speed Tracer is an Extension which helps you to identify and fix the performance problems of the web page. It visualizes metrics inside of the browser and analyzes them. Using this extension you can get the better picture of the application where the time is being spent. This extension includes problems caused by JavaScript prasing, CSS Styles, Network resource, Layout and Etc.

Download Speed Tracer Extension Here

YSlow :

By using this extension you can make your pages more faster. YSlow analyses web pages and suggest you some ways to improve their performance based on their rules for high performance web pages. This extension grades the web pages based on their predefined ruleset or user defined ruleset. It also offers suggestions for improving the page’s performance, statistics about the page and also summarizes the page’s components.

Download YSlow Extension Here

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Resolution Test :

This is an extension which is used for web developer to test web pages in different screen resolution. This Extension changes the size of the browser window to preview the web pages in different screen resolution. This includes a list of commonly used screen resolutions and you can also customize the list according to you.

Download Resolution Test Extension Here

WhatFont :

By the name itself you can know the use of the extension. This extension is used to identify the fonts in the current web page. This is the one of the easiest way to find out the fonts of the web page by just hovering on them. This is very simple and elegant. Firebug and Webkit Inspector are enough for web developers. This extension is also recommended by lifehacker, wired webmonkey, SwissMiss.

Download WhatFont Extension Here

SEO for Chrome :

This Extension provides SEO tools and Stats which makes your SEO tasks easier. This is the Most Popular and Most used SEO extension for chrome. This extension provides easy access to SEO tools. You can check the Indexed Pages, Backlinks, Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Competitive Analysis, and other many tasks. You can also check the Facebook Likes, tweets, +1’s and many more of the current webpage.

Download SEO for Chrome Extension Here

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Domain Availability Checker :

This Extension allows you to check the availability of a Domain straight from your Google Chrome Toolbar. We can say that this is the perfect extension for the Bloggers, Designers and as well as Developers to search Domain name. This Extension Supports IDN Domains encrypted for safe transmission. This Extension supports a large amount of domain extensions. Using this extension you can also lookup domain whois information.

Download Domain Availability Checker Extension Here

These are the Most commonly used Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers. If you feel any other extension is useful for web developer then please let us know by commenting below. So that we can add the Google Chrome Extensions suggested by you to the above list.

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  1. Hi Sai!
    Thanks for the list of helpful Chrome extensions. I haven’t tried some of these and domain checker looks really cool. I like to use SEO Site Tools instead of SEO for Chrome. Have you tried that one yet?
    Ileane recently posted..Google Authorship A to Z WorkshopMy Profile

  2. I will suggest you to add another tool, Eye Dropper Tool for color picking that is an awesome tool for picking colors from any page of the web.
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted..Learn How To Attract Advertisers & SponsorsMy Profile

  3. I always love seeing the helpful new apps and extensions for Chrome. These all sound very useful and will be fun to try. It’s amazing how many free tools there are to help you maximize your effectiveness. Thanks!

  4. All of these Chrome extensions are quite useful for all web developers and website owners. Thanks for sharing this list Sai.

  5. Thanks Sai for the updates.

  6. hi sai thanks a lot for sharing this info….. keep posting
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  7. for a web developer it is very useful thank you for putting so much light on it.

  8. Hmm a great list of google chrome extensions for the web developers. I am using many extensions for google chrome. I will pick some from this list. I can’t wait using Stylebot. This one seems to be very cool for me!

  9. great list. SEO for chrome and resolution test are really helpful. thanks for sharing. Will definitely check out these chrome extensions.
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  10. Hello Sai,

    Excellent list Google Chrome Extensions specially for bloggers. I haven’t used most of these. Need to check all

  11. Hi,

    Wow awesome extensions for google chrome. really helpful for all bloggers.
    I liked Domain Availability Checker and seo chrome mostly in the above mentioned. thanks for the great share.
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..Technical Specs and Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 2My Profile

  12. I am using 3 of them, gonna try other one too.. thanks for sharing… :) :)
    Saurabh Rai recently posted..Create Website Like Yelp – 6 Clone ScriptsMy Profile

  13. A good collection of extensions, Sai. Yslow is one of my fav.
    Sadhil Kumar recently posted..8 Windows 8 unique features for everyoneMy Profile

  14. Hey,
    The main attraction being Domain Availability Checker I too liked it.:) It seems cool.:)
    Moreover so generous of you to provide with this list. This is a great help not only to web developers but we bloggers too.:) It was great learning.:)
    Thanks for this useful post and list.:)
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  15. Plenty of chrome extentions to help all web developers and some of them are a must have, thanks for taking the time to share this with us

  16. Hi sai kumar,

    incredible share, well iam aware of “Domain Availability Checker” which i usually use to check the domains which are available and the most important seo for chrome is also an awesome extension.

    Sarvesh recently posted..Why Computers Are UsefulMy Profile

  17. A great share Sai …

    I found HTML instant, SEO for chrome and Domain availability checker useful to me!

  18. Good collection. Previously i checked domain availability with market samurai

  19. Stylebot Is my personal favorite :)
    Ashish recently posted..Convert Windows 8 UI to Windows 7 with StyleMy Profile

  20. Great post and it is mendatory to have alexa plugin to inhance yoiur alexa rank :)
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    We all know that Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browser in the world. We are sharing the 10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers….

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    10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers…

    We all know that Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browser in the world. We are sharing the 10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers….

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